What a 'great' day.

The people pushed and shoved to have a lunch&dinner in Secret-fucking-Recipe.
There were SO many people.
But usually we have more than that on past few weeks!
Sale of today is ONLY RM10,000.
This is rough-to say the least.

But Saturday is shittier.
Gosh, I don't wanna talk about it.
It's TOO frightful.

Am tired, sick, grumpy, emotional, mopey and completely frustrated.
There's nothing seems to be going a little leisure.
I know, I've scorched myself onto this 'joyride' and I should not nag about it at all, but it's just so...

My work and relationship's falling apart but I know we still managed to make it right.
It's just so frustrating
I've always tried to fix it with some cakes~
And we will have it later. Another cake for him!
Well, I just want to feel free. Relax. And nothing can be mired.
Am trying to get rid of this jaded feeling.

I miss the days where the only thing I have to worry about is to wake up earlier than 7 p.m. that I used to have in hols.

I just need another day off please?

The bitch is still spreading bad rumors.
And we totally can't endure it!
Fuck yourself.
And leave us the fuck alone.

But thank god I've got Lasagna for FREE~
Yeay :)