A splurge of spending.

I Love Bazaar was quite fun.
Though I had better time throughout the previous installment, this was still a darn good things.
I think that the only lousy part of the event was that a lot of the stuff there were actually leftovers from the first installment. No yeay :(
Plus, my favorite booths didn't open up this time around.
What a waste!

To make the matter worse, the bestie didn't make her appearance too! Damn her.
Thank God, I have boyfriend around, in fact I can't carry myself all of my shopping bags and those freebies~
Poor him, I noticed some shrewish!

(I'll most probably do some shopping ALONE in the future. MUST!)

On the previous installment, I found this perfect sleeveless top and cardie.
Tho' I still think the cardie is kinda pricey (RM28), I absolutely love the material!
Perfect for abnormally HOT weather we're having here~
For the snake print sleeveless top, it only costs me RM25.
And it's fit perfectly on my bod~

Also found this cute shirt, one of my best steals to date!
Am so proud of myself! Heh.
Button up people!

But a turn off is the price;
From Rm45, she gave me only RM15 reduction.
Not so lucky!

-Color me rain-
This cutie was tucked away with other not-so-cute garments
The whole rack was basically filled with tops that I will never ever wear, but I guess the digging paid off~
I think the seller put this cute cotton dress on the wrong rack!

From RM35, I got RM28.
Poor seller, she was trying so hard to mark up the price.

Thank god I'm such a frugal-mugal girl.
If I didn't mindful of the money I spend, I would not splurge SO much on all the pretty dress!
So I've eventually bought this, for RM25.

This is might be my last spending on this bazaar. (MIGHT BE!)
One of my best seller said that the bazaar will be occur at Cineleisure in next two weeks.

Though I think it's kinda far than Subang Parade is, I still wanna damned go!

(So, there's no might be anymore...)

My Cute Monster Roaring

"I don't need to look deep into your eyes, I only just take a glimpse to know how much you love me.."

"I just had a wonderful experience with over just 15 minutes.......... Without you realizing it, Coz You are asleep.."

"With your love, I gained perfection. "

"With all my heart, I truly deeply love you"

I need you to know that I love you so much. What a great night you put last night, maybe you don't realize it but the way you smile is heart-melting. You strike me again, and again and again.


Music Review.

Hi new favorite band!

"Australian three-piece Tame Impala do psych rock the right way, combining melodic know-how and echo-laden, eye-glazing sonic effects. The Forkcasted "Runway, Houses, City, Clouds" is a good representation of their woollier, extended-jam side, but "Solitude Is Bliss" is their big, sneaky pop move. Big, because the Britpop-sounding guitar lick that opens the song is a near-instant earworm, and sneaky because the band spends the rest of the song turning that lick inside-out and outside-in, like a Mobius strip made out of elastic fabric. Drummer Jay Watson throws in colorful drum fills like it's his birthday, all while vocalist Kevin Parker endlessly echoes, "You will never come close to how I feel", like a friend who's taken too much acid and is totally freaked out about it (in a good way).

On first listen, Innerspeaker provides a lot of dots to connect: There are patches of late-60s American psychedelia, buzzy Motor City riffage, and decades of British pop, ranging from the pastoral pop of the Kinks to the vivid expansiveness of the Verve to the narcotic warmth of the Stone Roses. Frontman Kevin Parker shares an eerie vocal similarity with John Lennon, both in tone and in the way he allows his voice to soar with each melodic turn or rhythmic surge. Though most of the album is a little restrained lyrically, Parker's rapturous phrasing conveys the meaning. Mixed by Flaming Lips collaborator Dave Fridmann, each component is here is set on an even plane, allowing bass lines and delay-swept guitar bursts to melt into one another, cultivating a uniform feel that's vintage, far-out, and irrepressibly cool".

This album is worth every penny, I might say. It sounds best as a piece. Must snatch it up!

Unlike most new bands that simply lump together bits and pieces of cured-yet-amazing influences then pass the hall-arsed endeavours of the inspiration as their own brand of sounds and Tame Impala takes those very same inspiration to the new highs.

There's party in my head, and no one is invited.

9/10 is due.


Beauti'fool' Mess.

I've overdosed with fuckload of works and assignments, have swamped with the surrounding countryside, lack of social life and certainly roiled with everything in the world. It's like nothing is seemingly going my way.

Hell, I now seriously ill, I think the world hates me.
I've got full package = fever + flu + cough, great!
I think my life's 'great' especially all the bad things happened when I'm without him by my side.
Sungguh sedih :(
(Hopefully, our fever will gone after we meet up tomorrow)

I'm supposed to get some rest.
2 days off are never enough!
A month is preferable. Heh.

Can't wait to have another get together with my folks.
Think SA misses me too eh?

Oh there's so many things I forgot to mention;

I killed a baby snake the other day!

Yes people, I have to! (I'm normally kinda soft person)
For the sake of our safety.
Call me cruel, I do not care, heh.
I hope they won't disturb my dreams with bad nightmares!
'Coz I've experienced it once. Sigh~


We've eventually made it for having makan time at Kedai Comel!
So fucking happy~
I felt so lucky that day, 'coz the warong always closed every time we passed by.

My HP's camera is fucking low tech.
It can't have the lighting right.
My face looked so pucat at that, fuck.
(Need to buy a new baby sooner)

Here's a snapshot of mine in better lighting;

Pale, still~
(Muka org sakit)


After all much sadness I've got, I still made time for a little shopping!
This is too freaking cute, I couldn't help myself (anymore)
For some odd reason, am REALLY into the flower pieces these days.

And at only RM15 a pop, I won't beat myself over it!
I can't resist them, so I bought 6 pieces!

(Excluding another 4 pieces-Ika's)

Extra brownie points for that!

Personally, I don't think I can rock the flower-sweet look, but this handmade brooch are sooo pretty! Surprisingly, the idea of having something one of kind attracted me, 'coz I was assured myself to buy 8 pieces are more than enough but the bestie said I should wait patiently for another instalment. So please Zira I wanna be the first person to snatch it, AGAIN!


Another thing I couldn't resist;
It only costs me RM20.
I know I can have it waaay cheaper but still I don't have time to find it at K-fucking-L,
so there~

I get butterflies in my stomach.
But still;
Can't wait to wear it on Ramadhan month :)

All in all, I expect that if I don't slow down the madness in 2 weeks, I'll go crazayyy!
Ha ha.
(Thank god I can do yoga to ease the pain, tho' it didn't help much, I still manage to relax my mind)

This madness drives me crazier, (literally)
I so can't even wait for I Love Bazaar this Saturday.

God, help me.


Sweet Romance.

Had a little stupid conversation with the roomy, Ika. We talked crap here and there and I was suddenly asked about her relationship.

Me: Camne Si Dia minta couple with you eh?

Ika: By webcam at 5.oo a.m!

Me: Awhh so sweet both of you, then nak wish anni kena tunggu pagi2 buta?

Ika: Yea, kalau esok ada morning class, abis la. :(

She made me reminiscing, all of the sweet memories of mine, so abruptly.

Things like "How extremely crucial he is; How handsome; How brilliant; How tall he'd be; How girls would be chasing after him; How eternally silly he'd be; How friendly; How modest; How likeable; How sweet he is; How understandable.

All the hows.

Left unrequited.

All we're left with are... snapshots of us with all that silly faces.

The letters you wrote to me, charming.

And yeah, memories.

Those that tend to be fuzzier by the years.

That would teach you something about hope people. And yes wishes.

Never dream about something as quicksilver as life.

It may not seems big.

But if it dashes, it dashes, break into pieces.

So many things bouncing around in my mind right now.

The noise is somehow getting louder.

*Inhales exhales*
(Deeper, like I did in yoga, ha ha)


Am somewhat calmer.

Perfectly poised, heh.

The only word in my mind now; incomplete.

Something's missing.


I need you.


Googled "love", and this came out;

Like you lah.


So cute till I wanna eat you up!

I ADORE YOU, little man!
Wonder why must he said "Mama!" on this vid.
Cute, still!

When she said she can't wait to be older and have a babies, I was gobsmacked!

But when it comes down to it, I do feel the same way too! (Confession time)

But then when I think it twice, I don't have any idea how long it takes to keep me preoccupied because I'll most probably get bored of it or forget to feed it or something like that. So I'd better not. (Big time!)

BUT then again, Sayang, I so want this one, just like this!
*Huge grin*


We need this;


I'm always be true, like you do.
No heartaches.


Sweetest Kill.

People say that your brain has a certain number of neurons, (In fact, I don't have any idea how to articulate it) and how many neurons stay working are depend on how good do you take care of your brain. In my case, I must admit that I have not been taking a very good care of my fucking brain. (As I believe that most of my cherished neurons are getting fried-electrocuted more like!)

3 weeks of classes-was hectic day as they can be till I feel like I'd rather die. Applaud me people because I didn't skip my morning classes so far! Jyeah~

The funny thing is; we can't use any fucking liquid paper nor eraser in P's class. But the thing that irked me was that; I've lost two erasers for that and am the only one of her victim so far! Holy cow. Thank god Shila got me replacement for the second round. So, no complaints. I hope it wouldn't happen again to me. Or maybe, just maybe(!) she wants us to not simply making a stupid mistakes. Whatever. Bond really rocks my life these days, I will die next week!

Bond-the monster!

Or is that just me who are so...bodoh?



I still think that most of the rules here are just plain idiotic. The stupid fizzle with the Pak Guard has ruined my mood to study. Since my hair is karat now, I don't fucking care and afraid. Why bother? I still want this. What about you? Ball's in your court.

(that I do deem myself that I'm in the borderline of the so-called Sahsiah-fucking-Rupadiri. Heh)

But that thing is absolutely not gonna smite me down anyway, but why oh why there are too much of rules (harassment/taunts more like!) was happening to my campus this semester? We can't even simply going inside the campus at night at all! For the residence, they cannot get in by the stupid Pak Guard right after 10.00 fucking p.m! What the fuck? Well, this is what had happened to one of my friend, and she has to stay at my place that night.

They say the reason of why they strictly controlling us was that; this is what your(student) parent's want it to be! The hell? And they say too many mishaps happened in last sem regarding the student's acts lately. So, the increment of summons (from RM30 UP to RM100 per summon-for the wrong placed parking) is totally 'worth' the misdeeds. Again, the hell? I hate them with the burning of a thousand suns. Hear that?

Ohh BTW, my parents won't refrain me to do anything! (As long as it considered a good deeds of mine)

But why they(Pak Guard) must bother?

Just leave us the fuck alone lah.


Sesungguhnya dan setulusnya penat.




Crying is not my favorite past time ye, so please do not gatal2 dan saja2 nak buat saya nangis. Tak dapat brownie points langsung di situ.

Langsung tidak!

'Coz I might be easy to push around, but once you push me too far, I'll tend to step my foot down and then you'll see how hard it is to get me doing things your way. So saya merayu di sini, please get it out of your system.



Por favour. (I don't know how to spell it right and I don't know if the phrase is synonym with the PLEASE word anyway, ha ha)

Tolerance go both ways, remember that!

I need my boyfriend now!


Quote of the day;


I'm beginning to realise;

"Everyone with their little perspective.
Perspective shut out the universe,
it keeps the love out".

Sweet Cloud.

Kisah benar ini berlaku di US.

Ia tentang seorang wanita dari Malaysia yang bekerja di US. Dia memakai tudung dan memiliki akhlak yang

Suatu malam perempuan ini dalam
perjalanan balik ke rumah dari tempat kerjanya. Kebetulan dia mengambil jalan singkat untuk pulang. Jalan
yang diambil pula agak tersorok dan
tidak banyak orang yang lalu lalang pada masa itu.

Disebabkan hari yang agak sudah lewat,
berjalan di jalan yang agak gelap sebegitu membuatkan dia agak gelisah dan rasa
takut. Lebih-lebih lagi dia berjalan

Tiba-tiba dia nampak ada seorang lelaki (kulit putih Amerika) bersandar di dinding di tepi lorong
itu. Dia sudah mula rasa takut dan tak
sedap hati. Apa yang dia boleh buat waktu tu adalah berdoa ke hadrat Allah memohon keselamatan atas dirinya. Dia baca
ayat Kursi dengan penuh pengharapan agar
Allah membantu dia disaat itu.

Masa dia melepasi tempat lelaki itu
bersandar, dia sempat menoleh dan dapat mengecam muka lelaki itu. Nasib
baik lelaki itu buat tidak endah dan
perempuan ini selamat sampai ke

Keesokkan paginya, wanita ini terbaca dalam akhbar yang seorang perempuan telah dirogol oleh seorang lelaki
yang tidak dikenali dekat lorong yang
dia jalan semalam hanya 10 minit selepas dia melintasi lorong tersebut. Muslimah ini yakin benar lelaki kulit putih
yang dia lihat semalam adalah perogol

Atas rasa tanggungjawab dia terus ke balai polis dan buat aduan. Wanita ni dapat mengenalpasti suspek
melalui kawad cam dan selepas siasatan
dilakukan, polis dapat bukti bahawa lelaki tersebut adalah perogol yang dicari.

Tapi perempuan ini hairan juga kenapa lelaki tadi tak jadikan dia mangsa ketika dia melalui lorong tersebut
walhal dia keseorangan di masa tu,
tetapi lelaki tadi rogol perempuan yang lalu selepas dia. Wanita ini nak
tahu sangat sebabnya. Jadi dia minta
kebenaran polis untuk bercakap dengan perogol
tadi sebelum hukuman dijatuhkan (sebelum lelaki tadi di bawa ke
tempat lain).

Dia pun tanya perogol itu..

“Why don’t you do anything to me on that
night even though you know that I’m alone?”
(Kenapa awak tak buat apa-apa kat saya
malam tu walaupun awak tau saya seorang je masa

Perogol tu jawab:

“No, you are not alone. That night I saw
two young man walking with you. One on your right side and the other one
was by your left side. If you were alone
of course you will be my victim.”
(Tak, awak bukan berseorangan. Malam tu
saya nampak ada 2 orang lelaki berjalan dengan
awak. Seorang sebelah kanan awak dan sorang lagi sebelah kiri awak.
Kalaulah awak sorang2 malam tu, sudah
pasti awak jadi mangsa saya..)

Wanita ni rasa amat terkejut bila dengar
penjelasan perogol tu. Dia bersyukur ke hadrat
Allah kerana memelihara dia malam itu, mungkin juga berkat ayat Kursi
yang dia baca malam itu.


Jika kita sebagai hambaNya menurut
segala perintah dan meninggalkan segala laranganNya, Dia pastinya akan sentiasa dekat dengan kita dan
memelihara kita. Wanita tadi
pertama-tamanya menutup aurat di US dan memang seorang yang menjaga
batas-batas yang ditetapkan Islam.
Mungkin dua orang lelaki yang menemani wanita itu adalah malaikat yang diutuskan Allah untuk menjaga
hambaNya yang sentiasa ingat akan

"...Barang siapa membaca ayat Kursi apabila berbaring di tempat tidurnya,Allah mewakilkan 2 orang Malaikat
memeliharanya hingga subuh. Barang siapa
yang membaca ayat al-Kursi ketika dalam kesempitan nescaya Allah berkenan memberi pertolongan kepadanya ..."
[Dari Abdullah bin ‘Amr r.a.]

Sebuah kisah benar yang sangat sangat menarik pada pandangan ku...
semoga kite semua mendapat pengajaran dan ilmu yang bermanfat...
sebagai hamba kita seharusnya percaya dengan kemampuan senjata orang mukmin iaitu DOA….

semoga kita sentiasa dipeliara Allah dari
kejahatan syaitan yang di rejam…….




My head is pretty frigged these days and wish time will flies faster.

I'm feeling one thing, still I creak about another. And I laugh at jokes but I don't even find funny. I haven't been confiding in anyone because simply I can't remember how to anymore. And I kinda think I'm beginning to hate everyone. Well, not really everyone, just, people in general. Who did I think is pretty fucked.

Or maybe I've unknowingly sold my soul to the pursuit of happyness.

When you start having too much to lose, you end up creating excuses in your head to feel much better, or you overloaded your mind, micro-analyze shit to its tiniest detail, but at last you will most likely decide to ditch any rational thoughts for the comfort of a reassuring hug.

I wish I don't give a rat's arse about you.

But it's funny how every time I have a bad sensing about something BUT I can't put my finger on it because there always seems to have a good reason for that instinct of mine. It's really sad then that I'd better off not knowing the actual origin of my frigging worries.

I wish you've got a tremendous sweet dream last night.

Thank god I have this to keep me occupied;

"Happiness, hit her like a bullet in the back
Struck from a great height
By someone who should have known better than that"

Heckyeah, I agree with her, Arctic Monkeys are awesome. But she sounds waaay amazing! Funny + classic, just the way I like it :)

Been listening to the same stuff in loops these days. My list is rather generic, really; with my own version of Brit trespass by the fuckloads as I had a fixation with The Strokes, Joy Division, Noah&The Whale, Florence + The Machine and the likes. A bunch of typical American/Canadian bands - YYY, BSS, The Kills, Vampire Weekends, MGMT, Death Cab For Cutie, Placebo, yada yada. You get the drift. I wasn't even into a lot of folksy, (but I still love my Darling Marling and Noah&The Whale nevertheless!) shoegazey stuff and all, which make up the bulk of my default playlist these days.

Then again, my days wouldn't be complete without Xavia - The Submarines.

Yeah, I'm reminiscing, I do that a lot now, unconsciously. Maybe it has something to do with what boyfie said to me a while back.

Si Pemalas, Si Pelupa, Si Sewel.

It's official!

I'm one lazyarse. (Obviously! Everyone knows that.)

I'm one mindless. (Naturally~)

I'm one oblivious old age. (I need to upgrade my 1GB memory to 16GB from now on!)

Okay, that's enough. I hope I could minify the list.

First week of classes and I've already swamped.

BUT it's already 2 weeks of classes and I'm half dead!


Off to REgain my life back and am hoping that I won't meet any ruinous disaster or experience any stupidity methods that I've been overdosed for all this time no more. Dear god, please hear my plea~

And so my 'refresh button' too!
(Do not turn the mode off. Heh)

I'm back in town, again. Since I needed much relaxation, nothing can actually stop me. But how the hell can I forgot the thing that is extremely important eh? Yikes, I was so careless! Thank god, I left my priceless purse in her car. Other than that, I will die! Thus, no money/ID card/driving license, no night out for tonight. The thing I only have now is my student card but it has no beneficial/use for now anyway.

To make it worse; I can't keep my mind off things. I wish that I can stand a chance for having some joyful moment here. Why do I feel like my dosh is flying outta my purse in the unbelievably scary pace? (Tulah, spent macam org kaya!) Between food, shopping, and gas expenditure, well I'm going broke! Oh money please hear my plea! Oh my, I just started my 2 weeks of classes and how the fuck can I survive the other months there?

God, help me T_T

Oh! I Love Bazaar is coming again on the end of this month!
And I'll definitely be there as I have promised the bestie for coming over.

*Check wallet, moth's flying~*
(Tho' my wallet isn't wimme, I can feel that I have nothing left!)


I miss you

"I was so freaking happy last night."


Its been like an ages since im writing this stuffs. To think of it, its almost 4 months since I last write something in this blog. It somehow brings the awkwardness when I start to log in back, I should've wrote something early at first place but somehow something was stopping me that time.

Im sorry for not writing anything eventhough u requested it couple of times before. You know me very well to know all the answers for that.

I just wanted to say here that I miss you. I love you.


My Darling Marling.

Rest in the bed of my bones
All that I want is a home
And all you can do is promise me bold
That you won't let me grow dark or cold
As long as we both shall live

The sirens come and shall feel your call
As a sound as I believe in you

The first deal's the hardest I'm sure
Where our shadows come to the shore
Know that it's you and I till the end
And all I want from life is to hold your hand

All that I have are these bones
And all that I want is a home
And all you can do is promise me bold
That you won't let me grow dark or cold
As long as we both shall live

The sirens come, they always will
But the dart between my heart and his
Is as good as a diamond chain

Rest in the bed of my bones
All that I want is a home
And all you can do is promise me bold
That you won't let me grow dark or cold
As long as we both shall live

Even when live she sounds fucking awesome man!
She got a dandy lyrics too! So artsy at that!
She reminds me of Kate Nash mashed with KT Tunstall or The Cranberries squeezed with METRIC. (but in different genre)
Well, the album is worth every penny.

Pure yum~


Sweet-talks anyone?

Me: I will take care of myself!

Boyfie: Good, please do! Jangan sampai Shahir Sahar turun Segamat!

Me: Oh okay. If that you said, I don't wanna take care of myself anymore~

Boyfie: Please don't!

Ha ha!

Sayang, what you have said just now was so sweet as it brought a big grins on my face. Evil grin too! It wasn't a sweet-talk nor big fat joke but a cute thought, indeed!

A big I LOVE YOU for that!

Thank you, you made my YEARS goes crazaaay!

News from Segamat.

Oh my, Shila, Mira, Ika, Nazi, Wani and I rented a beautiful purple cottage located at small village nearby the campus for this last semester in Segamat. Not far from campus that we can walk all the way if we can! Had our first class, happily in retarded ways. Thank god we only have one class today, still haven't got enough sleep. I have got disturbed by too many things last night. Sigh.

How on earth am I supposed to be if there's no internet connection here? Will die by a pesky boredom then. But thank god my celcom broadband can get through the lines. Wow, it surpasses our verdict. Oh joy :)

Unfortunately, the housemate's(Mira) Wimax has failed to get the connection(I think, it will never got it through), too bad. Ergo, no wow. To be fair, we have to online inside the campus if we have a massive assignments that need to working our ass off together.

Had met my dearest Kaki Clan; Nini Kuaishumian at class. Oh how glad I am knowing that we are in the same class this semester. So happy! Unfortunately, someone who I've been avoiding the most were in the same class. 'Twas gobsmacked and overwhelming! I couldn't be glad anymore to hear her frigging voice, over again. Is that means we have a so-called fucking 'kimia'? Bloody hell. Oh please bite your tongue by yourself and hope you will die, in hades!

News from the campus today; Do not simply place your car near class or hostel if you don't want get yourself a fines/summons/clamp. We students only can park the car at behind the DST, NR and DSB. And we students have to walk our asses off to the class. There's nothing can be differed between the residents and non-residents after all. Fuck, this is getting so ridiculous. And for the residents, you CANNOT bring your car in campus. Yeah right. We'll see what will happen in two weeks more then.

I miss the boyfriend already. Talk about rotten feelings. But wait, I so want to come back this weekend nevertheless! Heh. Want to smash a film that we've been loyally waiting for, to die for to be exact. Twilight-Eclipse. Wait for me~

Nothing much to say since the boyfriend has said that he wanna do some talking here, so let him do the blogging task then. Finally! We missed you since your last post!

And oh I missed my Shah Alam folk too! Long sigh.

I have a morning class tomorrow.

Will be my hectic day, have a classes from 8a.m-4p.m!

Have to have early slumber tonight. Thank god I have Sleepy bear with me. Will minimise my rindu, I hope.

(Hell, this weekend have no bazaar. Ergo, no retail therapy! Killjoy~)


Visiting our friends.

Funny how my holiday are never formal. (Thank Lord)

We FINALLY managed to smack down the boyf's friends at the ZOO! Heh.
Positively yummy~

No regrets!

1 pic=1,000 words. Since visiting go pretty much awesome, no extended explanation. Plus, I've already uploaded ALL of the snapshots in my stock in FB, there's no need to burden myself uploading it in my blog. Since, it's bloody lembab to upload it all one by one. Sampai esok tak siap!

Had massive fun/laughter/cute penguin/huge fishes/animal show/meatball-ing/a 'lil shopping spree/stupid stunts/camwhoring and all.

We actually succeed to make it happen.
Our birthday celebration is successfully done in retarded manners.
Well, that is what we called FUN!

Syg, I adore you!