Beauti'fool' Mess.

I've overdosed with fuckload of works and assignments, have swamped with the surrounding countryside, lack of social life and certainly roiled with everything in the world. It's like nothing is seemingly going my way.

Hell, I now seriously ill, I think the world hates me.
I've got full package = fever + flu + cough, great!
I think my life's 'great' especially all the bad things happened when I'm without him by my side.
Sungguh sedih :(
(Hopefully, our fever will gone after we meet up tomorrow)

I'm supposed to get some rest.
2 days off are never enough!
A month is preferable. Heh.

Can't wait to have another get together with my folks.
Think SA misses me too eh?

Oh there's so many things I forgot to mention;

I killed a baby snake the other day!

Yes people, I have to! (I'm normally kinda soft person)
For the sake of our safety.
Call me cruel, I do not care, heh.
I hope they won't disturb my dreams with bad nightmares!
'Coz I've experienced it once. Sigh~


We've eventually made it for having makan time at Kedai Comel!
So fucking happy~
I felt so lucky that day, 'coz the warong always closed every time we passed by.

My HP's camera is fucking low tech.
It can't have the lighting right.
My face looked so pucat at that, fuck.
(Need to buy a new baby sooner)

Here's a snapshot of mine in better lighting;

Pale, still~
(Muka org sakit)


After all much sadness I've got, I still made time for a little shopping!
This is too freaking cute, I couldn't help myself (anymore)
For some odd reason, am REALLY into the flower pieces these days.

And at only RM15 a pop, I won't beat myself over it!
I can't resist them, so I bought 6 pieces!

(Excluding another 4 pieces-Ika's)

Extra brownie points for that!

Personally, I don't think I can rock the flower-sweet look, but this handmade brooch are sooo pretty! Surprisingly, the idea of having something one of kind attracted me, 'coz I was assured myself to buy 8 pieces are more than enough but the bestie said I should wait patiently for another instalment. So please Zira I wanna be the first person to snatch it, AGAIN!


Another thing I couldn't resist;
It only costs me RM20.
I know I can have it waaay cheaper but still I don't have time to find it at K-fucking-L,
so there~

I get butterflies in my stomach.
But still;
Can't wait to wear it on Ramadhan month :)

All in all, I expect that if I don't slow down the madness in 2 weeks, I'll go crazayyy!
Ha ha.
(Thank god I can do yoga to ease the pain, tho' it didn't help much, I still manage to relax my mind)

This madness drives me crazier, (literally)
I so can't even wait for I Love Bazaar this Saturday.

God, help me.