News from Segamat.

Oh my, Shila, Mira, Ika, Nazi, Wani and I rented a beautiful purple cottage located at small village nearby the campus for this last semester in Segamat. Not far from campus that we can walk all the way if we can! Had our first class, happily in retarded ways. Thank god we only have one class today, still haven't got enough sleep. I have got disturbed by too many things last night. Sigh.

How on earth am I supposed to be if there's no internet connection here? Will die by a pesky boredom then. But thank god my celcom broadband can get through the lines. Wow, it surpasses our verdict. Oh joy :)

Unfortunately, the housemate's(Mira) Wimax has failed to get the connection(I think, it will never got it through), too bad. Ergo, no wow. To be fair, we have to online inside the campus if we have a massive assignments that need to working our ass off together.

Had met my dearest Kaki Clan; Nini Kuaishumian at class. Oh how glad I am knowing that we are in the same class this semester. So happy! Unfortunately, someone who I've been avoiding the most were in the same class. 'Twas gobsmacked and overwhelming! I couldn't be glad anymore to hear her frigging voice, over again. Is that means we have a so-called fucking 'kimia'? Bloody hell. Oh please bite your tongue by yourself and hope you will die, in hades!

News from the campus today; Do not simply place your car near class or hostel if you don't want get yourself a fines/summons/clamp. We students only can park the car at behind the DST, NR and DSB. And we students have to walk our asses off to the class. There's nothing can be differed between the residents and non-residents after all. Fuck, this is getting so ridiculous. And for the residents, you CANNOT bring your car in campus. Yeah right. We'll see what will happen in two weeks more then.

I miss the boyfriend already. Talk about rotten feelings. But wait, I so want to come back this weekend nevertheless! Heh. Want to smash a film that we've been loyally waiting for, to die for to be exact. Twilight-Eclipse. Wait for me~

Nothing much to say since the boyfriend has said that he wanna do some talking here, so let him do the blogging task then. Finally! We missed you since your last post!

And oh I missed my Shah Alam folk too! Long sigh.

I have a morning class tomorrow.

Will be my hectic day, have a classes from 8a.m-4p.m!

Have to have early slumber tonight. Thank god I have Sleepy bear with me. Will minimise my rindu, I hope.

(Hell, this weekend have no bazaar. Ergo, no retail therapy! Killjoy~)