Si Pemalas, Si Pelupa, Si Sewel.

It's official!

I'm one lazyarse. (Obviously! Everyone knows that.)

I'm one mindless. (Naturally~)

I'm one oblivious old age. (I need to upgrade my 1GB memory to 16GB from now on!)

Okay, that's enough. I hope I could minify the list.

First week of classes and I've already swamped.

BUT it's already 2 weeks of classes and I'm half dead!


Off to REgain my life back and am hoping that I won't meet any ruinous disaster or experience any stupidity methods that I've been overdosed for all this time no more. Dear god, please hear my plea~

And so my 'refresh button' too!
(Do not turn the mode off. Heh)

I'm back in town, again. Since I needed much relaxation, nothing can actually stop me. But how the hell can I forgot the thing that is extremely important eh? Yikes, I was so careless! Thank god, I left my priceless purse in her car. Other than that, I will die! Thus, no money/ID card/driving license, no night out for tonight. The thing I only have now is my student card but it has no beneficial/use for now anyway.

To make it worse; I can't keep my mind off things. I wish that I can stand a chance for having some joyful moment here. Why do I feel like my dosh is flying outta my purse in the unbelievably scary pace? (Tulah, spent macam org kaya!) Between food, shopping, and gas expenditure, well I'm going broke! Oh money please hear my plea! Oh my, I just started my 2 weeks of classes and how the fuck can I survive the other months there?

God, help me T_T

Oh! I Love Bazaar is coming again on the end of this month!
And I'll definitely be there as I have promised the bestie for coming over.

*Check wallet, moth's flying~*
(Tho' my wallet isn't wimme, I can feel that I have nothing left!)