A splurge of spending.

I Love Bazaar was quite fun.
Though I had better time throughout the previous installment, this was still a darn good things.
I think that the only lousy part of the event was that a lot of the stuff there were actually leftovers from the first installment. No yeay :(
Plus, my favorite booths didn't open up this time around.
What a waste!

To make the matter worse, the bestie didn't make her appearance too! Damn her.
Thank God, I have boyfriend around, in fact I can't carry myself all of my shopping bags and those freebies~
Poor him, I noticed some shrewish!

(I'll most probably do some shopping ALONE in the future. MUST!)

On the previous installment, I found this perfect sleeveless top and cardie.
Tho' I still think the cardie is kinda pricey (RM28), I absolutely love the material!
Perfect for abnormally HOT weather we're having here~
For the snake print sleeveless top, it only costs me RM25.
And it's fit perfectly on my bod~

Also found this cute shirt, one of my best steals to date!
Am so proud of myself! Heh.
Button up people!

But a turn off is the price;
From Rm45, she gave me only RM15 reduction.
Not so lucky!

-Color me rain-
This cutie was tucked away with other not-so-cute garments
The whole rack was basically filled with tops that I will never ever wear, but I guess the digging paid off~
I think the seller put this cute cotton dress on the wrong rack!

From RM35, I got RM28.
Poor seller, she was trying so hard to mark up the price.

Thank god I'm such a frugal-mugal girl.
If I didn't mindful of the money I spend, I would not splurge SO much on all the pretty dress!
So I've eventually bought this, for RM25.

This is might be my last spending on this bazaar. (MIGHT BE!)
One of my best seller said that the bazaar will be occur at Cineleisure in next two weeks.

Though I think it's kinda far than Subang Parade is, I still wanna damned go!

(So, there's no might be anymore...)