Sweet Romance.

Had a little stupid conversation with the roomy, Ika. We talked crap here and there and I was suddenly asked about her relationship.

Me: Camne Si Dia minta couple with you eh?

Ika: By webcam at 5.oo a.m!

Me: Awhh so sweet both of you, then nak wish anni kena tunggu pagi2 buta?

Ika: Yea, kalau esok ada morning class, abis la. :(

She made me reminiscing, all of the sweet memories of mine, so abruptly.

Things like "How extremely crucial he is; How handsome; How brilliant; How tall he'd be; How girls would be chasing after him; How eternally silly he'd be; How friendly; How modest; How likeable; How sweet he is; How understandable.

All the hows.

Left unrequited.

All we're left with are... snapshots of us with all that silly faces.

The letters you wrote to me, charming.

And yeah, memories.

Those that tend to be fuzzier by the years.

That would teach you something about hope people. And yes wishes.

Never dream about something as quicksilver as life.

It may not seems big.

But if it dashes, it dashes, break into pieces.

So many things bouncing around in my mind right now.

The noise is somehow getting louder.

*Inhales exhales*
(Deeper, like I did in yoga, ha ha)


Am somewhat calmer.

Perfectly poised, heh.

The only word in my mind now; incomplete.

Something's missing.


I need you.


Googled "love", and this came out;

Like you lah.