Sweetest Kill.

People say that your brain has a certain number of neurons, (In fact, I don't have any idea how to articulate it) and how many neurons stay working are depend on how good do you take care of your brain. In my case, I must admit that I have not been taking a very good care of my fucking brain. (As I believe that most of my cherished neurons are getting fried-electrocuted more like!)

3 weeks of classes-was hectic day as they can be till I feel like I'd rather die. Applaud me people because I didn't skip my morning classes so far! Jyeah~

The funny thing is; we can't use any fucking liquid paper nor eraser in P's class. But the thing that irked me was that; I've lost two erasers for that and am the only one of her victim so far! Holy cow. Thank god Shila got me replacement for the second round. So, no complaints. I hope it wouldn't happen again to me. Or maybe, just maybe(!) she wants us to not simply making a stupid mistakes. Whatever. Bond really rocks my life these days, I will die next week!

Bond-the monster!

Or is that just me who are so...bodoh?



I still think that most of the rules here are just plain idiotic. The stupid fizzle with the Pak Guard has ruined my mood to study. Since my hair is karat now, I don't fucking care and afraid. Why bother? I still want this. What about you? Ball's in your court.

(that I do deem myself that I'm in the borderline of the so-called Sahsiah-fucking-Rupadiri. Heh)

But that thing is absolutely not gonna smite me down anyway, but why oh why there are too much of rules (harassment/taunts more like!) was happening to my campus this semester? We can't even simply going inside the campus at night at all! For the residence, they cannot get in by the stupid Pak Guard right after 10.00 fucking p.m! What the fuck? Well, this is what had happened to one of my friend, and she has to stay at my place that night.

They say the reason of why they strictly controlling us was that; this is what your(student) parent's want it to be! The hell? And they say too many mishaps happened in last sem regarding the student's acts lately. So, the increment of summons (from RM30 UP to RM100 per summon-for the wrong placed parking) is totally 'worth' the misdeeds. Again, the hell? I hate them with the burning of a thousand suns. Hear that?

Ohh BTW, my parents won't refrain me to do anything! (As long as it considered a good deeds of mine)

But why they(Pak Guard) must bother?

Just leave us the fuck alone lah.


Sesungguhnya dan setulusnya penat.




Crying is not my favorite past time ye, so please do not gatal2 dan saja2 nak buat saya nangis. Tak dapat brownie points langsung di situ.

Langsung tidak!

'Coz I might be easy to push around, but once you push me too far, I'll tend to step my foot down and then you'll see how hard it is to get me doing things your way. So saya merayu di sini, please get it out of your system.



Por favour. (I don't know how to spell it right and I don't know if the phrase is synonym with the PLEASE word anyway, ha ha)

Tolerance go both ways, remember that!

I need my boyfriend now!