Visiting our friends.

Funny how my holiday are never formal. (Thank Lord)

We FINALLY managed to smack down the boyf's friends at the ZOO! Heh.
Positively yummy~

No regrets!

1 pic=1,000 words. Since visiting go pretty much awesome, no extended explanation. Plus, I've already uploaded ALL of the snapshots in my stock in FB, there's no need to burden myself uploading it in my blog. Since, it's bloody lembab to upload it all one by one. Sampai esok tak siap!

Had massive fun/laughter/cute penguin/huge fishes/animal show/meatball-ing/a 'lil shopping spree/stupid stunts/camwhoring and all.

We actually succeed to make it happen.
Our birthday celebration is successfully done in retarded manners.
Well, that is what we called FUN!

Syg, I adore you!