Can't stop rambling lah.

I'm at place in my life where I've stopped giving a shit about a million things at once. Or at least I try to. I now realise I don't feel with the same vividness anymore. I have no idea when did this happen, but it happened.

I can't help but think and convince myself that this as a positive change. Of course, it's tad sad that I've somehow lost the capability to be irritatingly emo or shit like that because I'd hate to admit I've turned into one of those people who is often desensitized or indifference/apathetic, but hey on the bright side, it's easier to ignore a whole lotta bullshit now. It's fucking onerous to always be such a bloody sensitive mush anyway.

That, and I don't think I can write anymore.
(Unless you choose to take into account the horseshit in this stupid blog, which doesn't even deserve to be called writing. It's just me, doing a lot of annoying whining.)
Plus, I need another feel good songs to boot.
I think I've been much overdosed of silly songs.

It's almost 3 a.m. and I still can't f**king sleep.
God help me.

I really REALLY can't wait anymore.