Good Morning and Good Night.

Another music review today.
Albeit been busy with company analysis, I still can make time for this, whenever.
Or maybe I can't stand to live at Segamat. Hohum~

For that matter, you'll be stupid if you don't hear this :)


Fanfarlo is a group from London formed by a collection of musician put together by Simon Balthazar. They are pleasureful mix of pop-infused folk-rock. So yeah, since I much needed feel good song lately, this is most welcomed.

And oh I love the girl.
No reason.


If It's Growing
Harold T. Wilkins, Or How To Wait For A Very Long Time
The Walls Are Coming Down
Finish Line
Good Morning Midnight
Drowning Men
Fire Escape
I'm A Pilot
Sands & Ice

I think I like all of their songs!
It's cheery!
Ease your feet up and let Fanfarlo take some of the burden for you~
It's now time to let the talent do the talking.


Today is our 1 year and a halfniversary!
Too bad, I can't go home and get a hugs for that :(
I still can be happy when the assignment is done!
But I have to study for a test tomorrow.
Malas gila!

Sayang, I love you, my love for you is much stronger day to day.
(Ha ha! Mellow!)