An intense weekend.

I have to admit these past few weeks were rough. (hence the lack of updating)
Thank god I still have them;

Really, thanks for putting up with all my bloody moody emo crap and an extremist ranting against stupid drivers when you guys could've had a blast with just the two of you.
I owe you one!

Had a splendid time with the darlings; Eka & Tora! Too bad, Fiza did not join us for breaking fast, she did disappearing act. Her mobile phone is sick, poor she is. Albeit that was an unplanned plans, we still can blast it off. Hurrah! I'm glad to see Tora, haven't seen her in ages! (Cue warm fuzzy feeling) Thank you for belanja-ing us Burger King and karaoke! Never thought that she could sing, better than me, of course. Sheesh!

My fav quote;
"Why people drive so kiasu? Babi~"
Another stupid driver stealin' my way: "Hah, ini lagi seekor babi!"
And Tora shocked! She thought that there were really have a babi showed up in front!
So funny eh?

I made 'em laughing out loud even I don't think it's funny.

I now think that I deserved a good times with them and loverboy!
We (finally) mended everything.
I love you!

We have a 'lil shopping for raya :)
I can't wait to wear my new baju kurung!
Two is more than enough, coz I'm not really a baju kurung lovers, sheesh!
I buy a yellow one which is matched with him.
Another one is grey color which the most fancy baju kurung I ever had!
Has a beading or something, and it fits perfectly on my bod.
Like like like!

(p/s: I give him credit for giving additional dosh. Thank you syg!)

Never thought sneaked in to the Digi's HQ will be caused some trouble for you.
Will never ever come to that place!
(I hope Digi's staff not reading this!)

That night we went to Police Station.
Made a report on the tukang potong rumput crashed the Baby B's windscreen, how dare you!
Thank god he agreed to pay the reparation, or else!
At the risk of sounding a total kiddie, I felt so happy lepaking there.

Yeah, we made it!
*Smack in the face*

Look at my happy face!
Ha ha.

I think, am definitely not regret going back this weekend.
Thank god.

When it all fails, you never do!

Am truly sad, intensely feel so bad now.
I went to Norlin's house hoping that I could meet her, but her mom said she's already heading to Russia. This is bad. We haven't meet for ALMOST 3 fucking years! (Ignore the promise no cursing/swearing off) This shit has to be said. I regret for not telling her that I'll be back this weekend. Totally regret :'(

Just hope we could meet in the next year pula!