Leisure time will be over!

Ika Nadia aka Emak Angsa got her own bloggie, finally.
Well, good job darling~
I think she's just wanna kills the time of loneliness.
Plus, Segamat is a total hohum!

And now, I have to guide her and find a new templates as well.
As it thank you very much!

Had squeezed in berbuka puasa session in dreaded ways.
We've been spent too much on foods today.
(3 times of walking around in bazaar!)
Good news, there are no wasting foods, at all.
Thank god I've spent on a fine cuisine, no regrets :)
Pure yum.

Nasi Rawan,
Cucur Udang,
Tauhu Bakar,
Sum-sum whatever,
Coconut Jelly,

RM12 fly away T_T


Classes are hectic as they can be.

We've got a new assignment for company analysis, but we still didn't know how to manage our schedule, since we decided to get our ass off from Segamat. Ergo, no groupie discussion. How the f**k can we finish the task without it? No brainstorming and all. Sigh~

(p/s: The boyfriend should help me on this!)


I have test on Thursday.
Another test?! Bloody hell.
Oh not forget to mention, I wasn't designed to do all my best for the Option test. Adoi~
Talk about having the spirit of laziness.
I spent my free time with the stupid games that I have just got the other day.
F**k me.

I now think I must refrain from any silly addiction.

I am praying (HARD!) that all the long nights of studying pays off. (I will)
My leisure time will be over,
Or else!