Let's get lost.

Have been overdosed with a good songs, finally. A good songs with a good doses is always welcomed.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack

Four-and-a-half stars over five(!)

As we know, the whole Twilight phenomenon is a bit baffling/knotty.

Oh well it's easy to dislike the books and their movie versions, regarding the media circus that has been surrounding them for the past few years. Esp. to the hot couple; Rob&Kristen. But on the other hand, there's no way in hell you can neglect the music associated with the films, which is USUALLY pretty darn amazing, for me.

With each new chapter, the soundtracks took on a new form, adopted new bands, followed new trends and of course, featured a new Muse song. I like.

The first move gave us Paramore (okay, fine) and the likes of (egad!) Linkin Park yada yada. New Moon conjured Death Cab For Cutie (my all time fav!), Band of Skulls, St. Vincent and the almighty Thom Yorke. But it's the Eclipse soundtrack that trumps them all and goes for broke, and many factors came into play for the latest musical companion in the Twilight saga. And that is EPIC!

Enter Muse with Neutron Star Collision (Love is forever), which makes for a good sequel to New Moon's I Belong to You. Bombastic goodness. It's not featured on their most recent album The Resistance and carries a much stronger beat than most of their songs but keeping with the theatrical tone of their newest album.

While Sia's My Love is a beautiful piano driven ballad with an intoxicating voice to match! She sings her heart out on the disarming, string laden My Love while British indie Fanfarlo offer a bit of romantic levity on the folky Atlas. I love 'em.

The centerpiece, of course, is the title track Eclipse (All Yours) performed by my favorite indie rockers Metric. As a nifty, urgent rock theme song with a faint chorus, it works, and it sets the tone for what's come; a whole lot of romantic goo, indie noisy style. (And is it just me, or do I hear the sound of wipers in the background?) Whatever.

And I remember one of those endless 'running through the forest' sequence in the first two Twilight films. Oh well The Bravery's pulsating; new wave pop-f**king-rock nugget Ours will simply fit one of those as will Beck and Bat for Lashes feature a kick ass duet; Let's Get Lost, depending on the mood needed for said running.

The Black Keys and The Dead Weather provide some bite and a good dose of ominous crunch with Chop and Change and Rolling on a Burning Tire, and Florence + The Machine delivers what could be the highlight of the whole thing, the desperate Heavy in Your Arms! Florence is my hero, period.

And I absolutely love the Vampire Weekend's Jonathan Low. Who wouldn't be heh? Surprisingly, most of the songs that I like are my all time favorite musicians/bands. So there~

As a matter of fact, I might NOT like the films, but I'll be stupid if I don't like their soundtracks!