Happy Merdeka! (not)

The happy memories of our childhood receded as we grew older. Or in my case, I have forgotten that we just hit 53rd Merdeka Day. Or is it just me or is 'the spirit of merdeka' itself is ebbing away?

I can't even see any flag which is called Jalur Gemilang along the roads or even on buildings. Not even gay songs on air. Our present PM should do what Dr M did. AT LEAST bring it back our glory memories that we usually had in Merdeka Day.

Each house was flagged for that happy day which everyone MUST have. Plus, no wonderful yet excessively cheesy Malay movies about our independence day. Or if the Ramadhan month is the only reason we cannot have a bombastic celebration, that might be a mistake. Oh come on, this is no fun!

To make the matter worse, I've celebrated Merdeka all over Segamat.

The point is what actually Segamat have, tell me?
Dataran? Have! But have rempits all over the place, no fun.
Karaoke? Other rempit will totally assail, so no more room for poor soul like us.
Then what is actually should we do other than that?

Wasting my time, I should've done with my notes!

I miss everything so bad.
And there's so much I want to do which of course does not have anything to do with my academics!
Being so young and free, who doesn't want?
But at least I try to merdeka myself and I do.
Ada ke? Whatever.

I miss the boyfie!
Damnnnn :(

Killer bond is scheduled tomorrow.
How on earth am I gonna find the strength to just sit my ass down and actually get into studying mode??