Hauling my strapped ass around town ain't fun.
I can't go anywhere with moth's flying in my wallet.
And it's darned good thing that the fasting month is coming.
As if I tend to splurge too much on food that I can't even finish.
The hazard of shopping on a empty stomach indeed.

No money = No overspending + No wasting food!
The hell?
No way, I must find my own way!

At least I can binge Biggy Mac + sundae + GCB!
F**k, so hungry now!

Oh how I wish I won't miss that fast at all.
Saya nak puasa penuh tahun ini! (tho' I've never did, one can wish right?)

Oh not forget to mention;
Shila, Ika and I had successfully done our first terawikh!
Never think it has caused such a pandemonium.
Whatever, one can change right?
But at least we haven't burden others to give us a ride to that self**kingfish.
No matter, I'd prefer to jalan kaki tengah gelap against stupid angsa and all rather than menyusahkan org! Cis~

Again, whatever.


I've already made a deal with the boyfie.
For the fasting month purpose.
When it's due, he says he will get me a present for that.
Wonder what's the big deal?
But I still want it!
As long as I'm not cursing/swearing/damning, I'll win this nevertheless.
Do not underestimate me.

But, it's seems sooo hard lah :(


Things are looking up!
We had eventually mended everything.
When it's good, it's euphoric :D
I love to hear your laughter,
I adore you, monster.
I hope this lasts.
Crosses fingers!
And I can't wait to have our first breaking fast this year together.
I'm in lovey-dovey mode again.

Urgh, I'm not good with words these days.
Plus, the internet connection was sooo f**king slow!

(Do not curse, remember? Sheesh.
But can I spell one by one syg? Like F-U-C-K?
Cannot ar?)