The Pretty Reckless.

Most of the world knows Taylor Momsen as an anguished, heavy eyeliner-wearing character Jenny Humphrey on The Gossip Girl. But in the last year, she actually considers herself a musician before an actress. Since the show is on hiatus, she's now focusing on the band.

"I've been writing since I was about five years old. I'm a singer-songwriter who picked up the guitar and started playing. It was just me, and I wanted to form a band. I had bunch of demos and songs that I'd written. I've been making a music since I can remember. I've been singing since I could speak. My influences were people like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden and Oasis. It goes on and on. It comes from originality. I've known them (the band's members) for a while. I was working with Kato and Ben (the producers) before the band started. Jamie Perkins [drummer] and Mark Damon [bassist] I feel like I've known forever. We finally just finished the record and have been touring and it very much fit"
Taylor Momsen.

And I say, she's awesomely rocks! Buy it, listen to it before you hate it. It's a very different record than anything that's out on the market.

Awhh, I love her hairdo! And and her amazing voice! Though she still can't perform at the best in a whole new level but still, her voice made me speechless! The best songs of the band; Zombie & Make Me Wanna Die.

Spot on!

I think she's waaay good in singing than acting!