Rotten Luck!

The month of Ramadan is seemingly not being kind to me.
NOTHING is going my way!

1. Had done with two tests with empty headed, I think my brain still not ready to actually put 100% effort on it. Yeah, time flies SO fast! Coz I think I've just started my studying here. And I must admit, this semester I was so f**king pemalas. Malas gila! But why the heck lah is the questions are so f**king tough, tougher than the finals damnit?! Should be more rajin for another two tests on next week!

2 I've just got a bad bad news, bad indeed. The point is, I will never ever trust people, anymore. I must admit, trusting people too easily is the one of my failure. But why oh why is that happening? I don't understand why. I was f**king speechless when I know all the truth is. Last year's drama is still haunting me, I don't need another. Time shall tell.

3. It's been raining endlessly these past few days. I detest heavy downpour, I need a hug. But I know even that is too much to ask for. Thank Lord I have sleepy bear around to make me feel warm inside :)

4. I've just got an ASBOL (Asal boleh) Cornetto sundae! Got no choc syrup for topping, oh f**k! Got no smooth vanilla ice cream, it's frigging rough, not moist at all like I usually had, double f**ks! Talk about rotten luck!

Ha ha! Drama!