Happy Raya! (yess~)

Balik kampung! (read without merriment)

Malacca isn't as fun as how I remembered it to be. Or maybe I've outgrown all of the familiar Raya lunacy; that is something isn't really alien to our local Eid atmosphere these days. Beside the excessive shopping streaks and scarfing out on yummy food (like I always do), so what else is out there that beautifies our Raya?

I feel blessed nevertheless, that I still can bask in yet another pagi raya. With my lovely family, of course. Even if it means defying eternal reminders of how I'll forever be the so-called 'bibik' in this household. I don't prefer to be called as Black Sheep, a 'domestic goddess' is more like it! Heh.

And since I'm 'all grown up' now, I have to toil in the kitchen (contrary to the popular beliefs, not all women enjoy enslaving themselves over the hot like hell stoves) 'Twas worse than I thought. Sweeping and cooking. I have to do it in my house and still doing it in my grandma's house. I'd rather to sit with the boys and watch the telly. Oh anyways, what the f*ck is that happening to TV3? Is all goddamn Saiful Apek face in all the movies on air? I'm in a rut. And a very stressful rut at that!

To make the matter even worse, my lovely baju raya (lovely ke?) is soiled with rendang. Wondering how hard it could be to wash the dirty clothes off. Need to scrub much then. Sigh.

Thought that I could get on with my mountain of dearly assignments; 4 solid days without the Internet will be succeeded but heck! I forgot to bring the lappy and books. Boo me. But if I really did pun, I think I don't have much time to actually open the books and go study. Malas gila!

Albeit the house is near the beach, I can't make time to play sandy beaches. :(

I have no idea why I feel so lethargic. I need to unwind, and I know exactly what to do to achieve that. Dear god, forgive me.


Not in raya mode at all.
Everything seems so dead.
And I was seething.
(I wonder how 'great' it would be next year)


Sorry, haven't took a family portrait for raya. So I just put this one, can't find any proper.
Picture courtesy of Aliya-bad girl!
But a good photographer :)

Umairah and I.
Secretly, I love her.
Her manja-ness, OMG!

Playing our phones when you came to people's house as visitors is ain't fun la dik...
So kind I was treated her oh so well.

It doesn't matter anyway, this year's raya can't be any worse than last year is.
'Twas total ho-hum.
So tried to find the best part is.

I love bullying the kiddies, it's official. (bullying right must be mine!)
But how sad to think the family prob they've got.
Feel somewhat guilty, heh.
And finally got to see my 'lil cousin!
The last time I saw her, she was 2 weeks old, too fragile for me.
Now at 2 years old (how fast time flies!), she's cheeks are perfect for pinching-HARD!
Can't help it, she's so damned cute! It runs in the family :)
But the hard time is to chill that kid from crying-out loud!
That only part that I hate so much.
But to me, that's way better than speaking.
At least it is an honest emotion. Way easier to handle!
(Bloody adults and their manipulating ways, I not only detest it, I HATE IT with every fibre of my being, thank you.)

Had family dinner at Pokteh's with again(!) yummy foods.
Had fun playing firecracker with him; cutie Mukhri.
That munchkin! So adorable and hyper.

Thank you for being grumpy with me a lil man :)

So hyper till I can't even stop laughing.
Playing football with hosepipe was a whole new ball game eh?

He as so kepala batu didn't want to wash his feet.
Damn him.

OMG, I can't believe my uncle have this one!
Ducati! My dream car! Eh bike.
It's worth an expensive car.
Wonder how bad I ride on this.
First thing I will do; PUKE!

I shall decline to publish a snapshot of myself this time as I was forced to obey ghastly to working as full-time bibik (threats more like it!) Since I look like a Mak Cik, I'd figure no amount of kick-ass make up make it any better. So I went to the dinner with sans make up (why waste good make up right?) By the end of the course, my face was reflecting light like a bloody beacon. Or the oil could actually fry a fish. Yeah right.

Angry me + Tired - make up = Banshee.
(Mak Cik version; no hot death siren)


(p/s: Thank god there's no boyfie around. He will cruelly laugh at me! And see my hideous face.)

All in all,

Pigging out on yummy food. (rendang oh rendang, 3 solid days with rendang! New menu/experience; lepat palas? Palas lepat? Whatever. Don't know how to spell)

Funny visitors=funny chatting. (Stomach ache syndrome due to ketawa tak hengat dunia)

Duit raya, not much. But at least I can binge KFC with the boyfie right after I get back to SA, can't wait! I miss him miserably already :(

Funny how seeing all the cousins had already built a family made me feel warm inside. With their beautiful sons and daughters. I was so lame in updates! 'Twas a huge gobsmacked! Oh well, happy for them.

I love my grandma deeper and deeper!

I hate the kiddies, hope when they 'all grown up', they'll change to be a great person. (not like us, the older) Make us proud and kicking ass!

It's good to hear all the good news, but not the hassle in pagi raya lah :(
So I wish we could have a better bash in next year!

Selamat Hari Raya, folks. :)

Hope you find it in your heart the honesty to honour your 'maaf zahir batin' with; as will I seek, and shin, to do the same.