Kenapa diri ini BODOH??

NOTHING is going my way!
This might be the most stupid-catastrophic-unfortunate event had ever happened in my life.
Gimme a little break now can I?

Oh well.

I know 'twas my fault, so why must cry over split milk right?
Belajar dari kesilapan.
Heh, easier said than done!
Habis 20 bucks saya!
When you are now in the state of broke, you'll never feel better about the money that has gone due to your own stupidity. NEVER.


I won't forgive myself.
And I was totally convinced that the universe hates me.

The moral of a event is; do not forget date of the day, must be alert. And, please think twice before make a decision. And AND you don't have to yell at people who is actually innocent, must recheck anything before say a thing! And that was my oblivious misapprehension. :(

Things MUST turn up!

Better do something about it.
I predict if I don't slow down this insanity streak within the next day, I'll go crazy.
I'd bet if things are still stagnant, I can't even do my upcoming tests.
I know my neurons are getting fried, but heck I must at least maintain the position and hoping can do it better.

For now, am praying HARD that I can happily study for my tomorrow's paper since the roomie has already went back to Shah Alam. And now I don't have to be worry just to wail sorang2 and make a total mess, muehehe~

Friday is my turn.
Tak sabar nak jumpa Kenip :D


Kawan: Banyak sangat makan semut sebab tula lupa!


Spot on!

There are fucking ants all over the place! They can even reach in the fridge, really, no joke! And bite everything in this house, even a plastic of Maggi I tell you! Maybe that is the reason why can I unintentionally ate a noodles, with an ants. What to do, I have to eat it, pembaziran! No wasted food. But I was totally convinced that I've already tossed/discarded all of that annoying creature away before eating it!



For me, and you. Yes you :)

(I can't embedded the official video, but this one is still the best!)

All time favorite, to say the least. This band annoys the fuck out of me, albeit I do love their songs, and everyone seems to place them sky high on their favorites list. Fuckyeah, I'm one of those maniac. This song though, has (always) been a peculiar exception. Had been recently listen to it all the way to the class, ha ha. Somehow, it made me happy, just to hear it, repeated.

And there is something about it that makes me want to have a good, long cry.