Love In The Air.

To look at your grace
And believe what you say
But kid I'm a pilot
It's all I believe in
It's all I believe in
You can ride on my back.

To top it off, I actually feel love with this song. (since I'm in lovey-dovey mode again?)
Heck, I love that girl. I really do her, heh.

We FINALLY patched up everything since we've been busy with raya and he's with working, poor him. Everything was settled down, no more hard feeling, no more stressful conversation and lovely hassle :)

Oh how I missed that moment.
To be loved every single minute.
And(!) yours truly did (usually) non-stop ranting in 2 hours.
Yeah, that sounds so me.
When you've got nothing to do, you talk.
Talk and talk and talk without period.
I can beat Oprah, you may, or even Aznil.
Or your mother. Heh.

But loverboy,