New Post!!

Im so heavy... heavy.... heavy in your arms!! haha..

weirdly weirdly weird, this phrases have been playing in my 'iBrain' for the last couple of days.

Still, my body is hurting days to days. I felt my backbone is really tired of seating in a long hours. No kidding, and when you're backbone hurts that eventually affects all of your body. Dah tua camni lah kan. I really need a massage now.

Today's was great, Finally have a conversation with my mom. I think we barely spoken since raya ok, with my work schedule and she's never in the living room after 7.00. Juz a 15 mins of conversation is enough tho' the content was barely about kiamat and son's responsibility towards his mother. Nonetheless, Its good that we talked and laughed back.

And you, yes you! have a test tomorrow right? Well better be prepared, otherwise no 'treats' for you. And Im serious. Goodluck! Remember, I am always there as your inner companion.

Need to sleep..

Im so heavy... heavy.... heavy in your arms!!~~

(Damn! this songs is really haunting)