Soo heavy in your arms.

And is it worth the wait
All this killing time?
Are you strong enough to stand?
Protecting both your heart and mine?

She really looks so heavy at that.
But I still love her. Oh Florence~
Unlike me, I'm skinny and shorter, you can carry me all the way easily.
But you know, I'm somewhat fragile, so please handle with care.
Oh rambling.

Speaking of this amazing video, I find myself heavy to find the right words to remark.
Creepy? Boring?
Orgasm inducing? Electrified?

Because it's heavy.

To my defense, being mainstream won't change the fact that she's astonishing singer. If they were a real fan (like me), they shouldn't bother about the whole shebang right? Unlike few bands that somehow bland/forgettable when they'd go mainstream. So there.

This video is great. Florence has already shown she can make video even sorta creepy but still great for their matching with their song passionately. Her music is her own style. Her voice; phenomenal.

Not to mention that she's too tall, she's being carried doesn't work!


Found that I have to go to wedding this Saturday at Malacca. (Won't have a disappearing act anymore.) If I'm not follow the family, who the hell can I ask for help to send me off to Segamat? But the thing really irked me was that; we have to go on this Friday, my mom wants to get back earlier because she has the reason to stay and wanna be the wedding helper. Back earlier? To fuck at this. I was totally insisted, I was so kind lah kan considered to go there on Saturday, is just fine. But this?! No way in hades, I do not approve. I have piles of assignment to be finished and stay there earlier is not a good resolution for completing all of the pending works.

But god forbid I retort something on those lines. I know I can't change her mind. She'll just say I'm ignorant or rude. Then I'll get a tongue lashing from her anytime soon. I just can't win now can I?

If only someone can send me off to the wedding then I'm just fine. The boyfie? If only I can find the right direction to go all the way there, if using map pun tidak berguna. Hazard gila! No, shenanigans won't get any better. We will be definitely lost right after we arrived the town. (-.-)"

Thinking another resolution.
Ahhh, tak senang buat kerja!

Mode raya; GONE!
Down the drain...