I can't believe myself that I only studied 1 chapter for Option on this study week.
1 week, 1 chapter.
No such luck!

And my first paper will be held on 28th.
4 days left.

I leave SA today.
Time's up, I need Segamat to study harder.
I would even leave my baby (lappy) to Mr Sayang as I'm determined to blunt myself online-ing.
No joke. *ROFL*

I'd better stop pigging out maggi and my favorite coke.
For the sake of my finals and for the distinctness of my dearly brain.
And I'm determined to evolve it.
Till the last day, 9th of Nov.

I've done with bonding time. (with my fav people, of course, another sweet memories to swoon!)
I've done with retail therapy. (Bliss! God loves me after all! But now I'm dead broke..)
I've done with blogging. (but I'm pretty sure Mr Sayang will blog something for me soon!)
And I've done with movie marathon :)
I want a bunch to squash with after my finals will be over!

S: Bibir siapa paling merah?
K: Ok fine, you win!
K: Perut siapa paling buncit?
S: .......
(Sila lihat snapshot di bawah)

S: Sayang
K: Kitty

Who is the winner?
Wait, don't answer that!

You won syg! Yeay :)
For the bigger tummy award.

But I LOVE YOU nevertheless.
Wait fer me okay?
And wish me luck!


Unchained Melody.

I remember this weird feeling I had.
The feeling only lasted for a short while.
But during that short while, I've thought about things I haven't really thought about in a long time.

I remember when we were in room and she said to me was, "I miss my brother."

And I thought whoa, that's really weird. I can never say the same about my brothers. At all.

And to be frank,
I don't miss him.
I don't miss them.
I don't want to lie, but I honestly didn't.

I feel sorta sad that I can't say the same about my brothers.

I remember being very close to them when I was like 5??
But ever since then, we drifted.
Still drifting.

I remember our previous fight, of course.
But don't you think you're the one who were acting like a fucking arsehole?
I'm cool with it.
But if you want me to respect you, respect me first.
Tolerance go both ways.
I am not animal for you to yelling with.
I have dignity too.

Mom didn't teach you that didn't she??

You can't call a family when someone in the family treats you as a total stranger in the house.
Taking my brothers as the example.
They treat me like a complete stranger when they're around.

I've tried being closer to them.
By god, I've tried.
But what's the point when I was the only one trying and they're not?
Hence, giving up is my solution.



Me In The Headlight.

So, I see on my FB homepage, a lot of statuses like;

"Okay, I have to focus on my studies. Goodbye Facebook."-it happens especially during study week or the day before test.


"Facebook is boring, gonna delete my account!"
And a few days later, I see these specific group of people updating their status saying;

"Can't live my life without Facebook!"


"Haiya, I miss playing games!" or somewhere along those lines.

Funny tweenagers..

My friend of mine has started an effort to deactivate her FB, I applauded for her being so, she has also challenged me to do the same damn thing. I refused. It's not because I can't even live my life without it, it's not because without it I'll be doomed. It's just...

But if she didn't deactivate hers, I'd bet she still can be the top scorer anyway! I know you would :)


Had a little photoshoot with DZMS today. I know it sounds crazy. But dude, I can't wait to see the snapshots of mine! I know, I can't be a total fool out myself by attempting to impersonate Kate Moss aren't I?? Fuck, this is ridiculous. BIG TIME!

No way, 'saje-saje' attempt won't be a big deal for me anyways.

So off I go in search of a path towards becoming a model(?) with Mr Sayang. (I owe you one!)

We went all the way to KL, naturally we got lost. It had to happen lah.. (~.~)

2 clueless people/buta jalan + empty stomach + winding KL roads + bumper-to-bumper traffic - GPS device (Google Maps didn't help much this time!) = We've (literally) been LOST!

Long drive and the shenanigans, we almost give up, though my darling Amira didn't help much with her simplest direction, yellow apartment? Hello, I was at DUKE at the time I asked her, how on earth can I found the real yellow apartment? Ampang there has a lot of yellow apartment isn't it? It's okay dear, it's not even your fault :)

While being at lost and try to find the way out from Ampang (surrender time), I was accidentally found the right way! Oh well, I thank my lucky star, so brownies points ye di situ! My appointment is due at 3 p.m but we arrived at 4 fucking p.m, sharp! (Their office close at 4) And I was the very last person who came, thank god we still can made it! Yeay :D

I now think I can recollect every single things in all the way to go there.

Just because we've been tramping in all the same roads, just to reach out the fucking signboard of Pandan Mewah! Why they just can't put the fucking signboards every 1km on the roads like my place have eh?

I (intensely) hate Ampang since I can remember.

So, yeah.

Hard to find the way in, hard to find the way out. It's like being in jailed!

Hence, the fury.

But thank Lord we made it :)

We should've use KESAS, there's way easier, I think.

Just know that the owner of the agency is my friend's cousin. What a small world! But I don't put a high expectation just because of that my chance can be such a huge hurrah anyway. So, there.


Wanted to binge KFC with RM15.80 of Snack Plate for 2 person but unfortunately the voucher was valid till 15th of Oct. See how fool was this 2 stupid people here. What a waste!

Well at least I don't forget to wish you Happy 1 year, 8 months!

Another 4 months to be 2 years.
Can't wait :D

Sorry for ranting, nanite!


Heard & Seen.

It's study week and I still have time to watching movie. (ALOT of it!)
Am supposed to study, I know.

Oh well, I might go into movie & music critic mode here, but who the hell cares? For those who know me, you must admit that I have crazy-cool-awesome taste in stuff. (Gila perasan! Boleh suicide now!) Anyway, I think this might help some of you who want to squash your boredom! (yours truly included)

I've watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, and I can't really remember how many times I've been seen it. Ha ha fuck me. I thank my darling Hobbit to give this awesome movie, thanks b*tch!

I know it's tad overdue since it premiered about 2 years ago. Anyways, it was actually quite good! Surprisingly, it's way cool than any stupid teenage movies. And twisted! Just my type of movie, perchance due to my killer boredom! Based on two of the British writer Louise Rennison's popular books, adapted by director Gurinder Chadha (Bend It Like Beckham & Bride and Prejudice)

"Welcome to the tragic universe that is my sad life.."

This demented girl, Georgia has a problem include the fact that her parents still snog, which is pretty disgusting. But mainly she stresses over the fact she sees herself as a loser tweenie and that she fancies sex god Robbie, a new arrival in town! Georgia, and her kooky friends Jas, Ellen, and Rosie discuss whether to wear old-fashioned knickers or to upgrade to thongs! And they baffle about their potential prowess as snoggers. But Jas, her bestie, starts dating Robie's brother Tom and also starts wearing a thongs! To Georgia's dismay Robbie seems to prefer Lindsay (the mean girl) a sexily self-confident blonde.

Funny how Georgia resorts to taking up snogging lessons from Peter (the slaver boy!), but it's not the same, of-course, and when her father announces that he's been offered a great position in New Zealand and the family will move there shortly, her carefully balanced world starts to fall apart. Hence, Georgia must inevitably , and through a series of zany misadventures like fake tan overdose, big knickers fiasco, stupid idea of elastic band etc, snag Robbie and simultaneously save father Bob from NZ exodus just in time for a gunning feel-good finale. Ahh, how I love this happy ending. Really love the way Robbie holding Georgia's hand and even how mad Libby (eccentric young sister) is by licking Robbie's hand that they supposed to have handshaking! And she acts like a poor cat! Meow~

Libby's freaking cute!!!!

Same goes to Angus!!!! Meow~

Ahh how I love to have like those lovely family~
*Bangs head on wall*

Even if you're long past the age of the characters in this film, you still can enjoy the world of these girls who want, so badly, to become adults.

As the much-troubled heroine gives a lovely performance, it's pretty impressive! There are so many lines that struck me, you can see my stomach cramp due to huge laughters or even huge grins and sad eyes. Starting off from the opening scene of Georgia dashing around Eastbourne in a 'stuffed olive' fancy dress costume, fleeing after an embarrassing faux pas at a party. And the soundtrack blasts She's So Lovely by Scouting for Girls has already made me laugh my ass off! Sarcasm song + Harebrained stuffed olive = perfect MAD! The song is cool!!

She's finally got teen hunk!
(They call sex god.)

End of story.


I've been itching to watch this film;

The major reason is only because of she is; Natalie P!
Hope it would air in M'sia.
*Crosses fingers*


Have been listening to this cute song;

 Danny and I have so much fun on set. We goof around. We are [trailer]  neighbors, and we’ll visit each other every morning, like “What’s up?”  And we have this favorite song, it’s called “Difficult” [by Uffie]. I  hadn’t really heard of her before. And Danny comes into my trailer, and  he’s like “You have to hear this song!” And he plays it for me, and the  rest of the day we’re doing like [does a robot dance]. Because we [didn’t] know the words, we were being robots. And this isn’t sounding cool because it’s not cool. But [laughs]  we had so much fun the rest of the day planning our music video, and  how we would do it. We acted it out for a couple of people, like Donald,  who was like “Don’t ever show me that again. Why did you waste 30  seconds of my time showing me that?” So yea, I think Danny and I could  make a great music video. via popwatch This is making me swooooooooon! Uffie better make a run for her money.

Danny and I have so much fun on set. We goof around. We are [trailer] neighbors, and we’ll visit each other every morning, like “What’s up?” And we have this favorite song, it’s called “Difficult” [by Uffie]. I hadn’t really heard of her before. And Danny comes into my trailer, and he’s like “You have to hear this song!” And he plays it for me, and the rest of the day we’re doing like [does a robot dance]. Because we [didn’t] know the words, we were being robots. And this isn’t sounding cool because it’s not cool. But [laughs] we had so much fun the rest of the day planning our music video, and how we would do it. We acted it out for a couple of people, like Donald, who was like “Don’t ever show me that again. Why did you waste 30 seconds of my time showing me that?” So yea, I think Danny and I could make a great music video.
Via Popwatch
This is making me connnnnk!

Uffie better make a run for her money.


Another song I heart;

Don't make a sound shh, listen
Keep your head down, we're not safe yet
Don't make a sound and be good for me
Cause I know they're waiting somewhere out here

I feel good all over..
(Yes I am)

Now go back to study!


Product Review.

You would have realised that I have changed my shampoo and conditioner so often.
As my hair is so high demanding! Damn you.
Just to let you know, I have hair fall problem.
And due to the bad quality of the shampoo, I've evolved some dandruff and pityriasis problem.
Hence, the rage.
Not forgotten, the itchiness!

Trust me, I have a good skill of washing my hair.
But still, it didn't work.
The itchiness still patronising.
So don't blame my skill, blame the shampoo!

I detest L'oreal hair product esp. their shampoo, evermore.
(Dah lah mahal, tapi tak berguna!)

Oh well.
I get bored of using the same old ones which is TRESemmé.
Not that I don't like the shampoo, but I just like to trying out a new product that is.
At least it less itchy, dandruff free, but less shiny :/
I so want a shiny glossy slicky hair~

So, I'd let Schwarzkopf to do some hair repair :)

This is Schwarzkopf Extra Care Liquid Silk Gloss.
Peculiarly for dull and brittle hair.
I've use it for a week already.
From the first try, my hair became so much smooth, no more itchy!
It's kinda magic there.


The shampoo smells so tempting.
However, the conditioner is not thick enough.
Because I usually use a conditioner which is way moisturising.
It's okay, at least I can have a shiny hair I'm all gonna be fine!


p/s: Thank you to darling Amira as she had tried so hard for luring me into temption of buying this product, albeit I have lack of dosh at the time. No yeay :(

Wanted to buy only a shampoo, but ended up buying a conditioner too.
But you're right, to attain the best result is, you must use both shampoo and conditioner.
There's a tip for the better hair repairs folks. :)

The new resolution is;
I wanna buy a full pack!

When it comes to resisting retail therapy, I'm a major failure.
Boo me.

Cute Babies & Annoying Kiddies.

The snapshots was taken when I was at Malacca for my cousin's wedding. The event was blah- just fine and exhausting due to the mountain of workloads, no fun at all. But at least 'twas time well spent with the whole big family (excluded the brothers).

Am not telling the story of the whole event, albeit there is a lot of story to tell.
As it's kinda tad overdue, I'd let the pics do the talking;

Enlarge this, you'd see the flies! :/


p/s: They're all cute, especially the topmost! Heh.
Can't wait to see 'em growing older.
Less cute less pinching.
Ha ha.

Don't worry, be crappy!

I'm reserving this space for prolonged random ramblings, since I'm spending way too much time of studying. Thought of deleting, but I guess I've gotten too attached to this little baby over the years. Plus, this bloggie belongs to Mr Sayang too, he'll prolly say no to this. So, yeah.

Talk about a friend and foe.
Well, not everyone is gonna like you, I know.
They may not like you for no reason.
They may propagate rumors about you.
Even they say that they are part of your besties/'family'.
They may try so hard to ruin your life.

And I'm cool with it.

But in my mind, just because they hate you, it doesn't mean you should hate them back.
You do not have to use the same means to the spreader of malicious gossips.
You do not have to pay attention to such petty acts.
Because in doing so, you'd be crooking to the same level like them.
And I refuse to crook.

Plus, I don't need another bad mouthing from you.
I have had enough of it.

The haters are not my concern.
Despite the tenuous attacks on my good name.
After all nothing will ever change.
And that being said, I'll still have them.
Double fuck.

I still have the family.
I still have the boyfie.
I still have the besties.
I still have my darlings.
I still have my lovely select classmates.
What's else matters?

Nothing isn't it?

Ergo, I literally do not give a rat's ass anymore.
I'm happy as it is :)

Or else, this will be happen;



All I need is a comforting hugs :)

This is cute!
I wanna bite her face all over right now!

Crying is not my favorite pastime, but cursing is.

This is one of those shitty weeks.

I know I've been neglecting you lately.
Been busy with fucking life.
Tired of being tired.


Oh well, thank god ViVA is over!
Assignments are all done!
Tests are all finished, no more.
Sure, time flies!

BUT finals are in TWO WEEKS!
12 days to be exact.
And I have MUET on Monday.

All works makes me a boring girl!
Oh well, party tonight and study tomorrow!

All I needed was one weekend of everything that is splendid. A weekend getaways. I really need your support system now and then. That being said, upheaval, and accordingly the comfort making up brings, are very much a part of that. Nothing we're both not used to, as being of equally erratic character.

It still perplexes me to no end how this can stretch to be so painfully explosive/volatile. Yet still so unequivocal when you most need it to be. You only need to delve a tad deeper than the shallow superficiality of relationship, to allow the quiet lull of a literal bond to fully manifest itself. It's a consciously lengthy process, as opposed to being a given. We somehow forget that sometimes, when we carelessly allow wrath and pride to take over. Plus, the roller coaster ride is ain't fun to me, my swings.

So, there.

I know I don't say sorry much, but, I'm sorry.

And I mean it.

Trust me, it pains me like hell now to read the draft you made.
The pain is no bullshit pain. :(