Crying is not my favorite pastime, but cursing is.

This is one of those shitty weeks.

I know I've been neglecting you lately.
Been busy with fucking life.
Tired of being tired.


Oh well, thank god ViVA is over!
Assignments are all done!
Tests are all finished, no more.
Sure, time flies!

BUT finals are in TWO WEEKS!
12 days to be exact.
And I have MUET on Monday.

All works makes me a boring girl!
Oh well, party tonight and study tomorrow!

All I needed was one weekend of everything that is splendid. A weekend getaways. I really need your support system now and then. That being said, upheaval, and accordingly the comfort making up brings, are very much a part of that. Nothing we're both not used to, as being of equally erratic character.

It still perplexes me to no end how this can stretch to be so painfully explosive/volatile. Yet still so unequivocal when you most need it to be. You only need to delve a tad deeper than the shallow superficiality of relationship, to allow the quiet lull of a literal bond to fully manifest itself. It's a consciously lengthy process, as opposed to being a given. We somehow forget that sometimes, when we carelessly allow wrath and pride to take over. Plus, the roller coaster ride is ain't fun to me, my swings.

So, there.

I know I don't say sorry much, but, I'm sorry.

And I mean it.

Trust me, it pains me like hell now to read the draft you made.
The pain is no bullshit pain. :(