Don't worry, be crappy!

I'm reserving this space for prolonged random ramblings, since I'm spending way too much time of studying. Thought of deleting, but I guess I've gotten too attached to this little baby over the years. Plus, this bloggie belongs to Mr Sayang too, he'll prolly say no to this. So, yeah.

Talk about a friend and foe.
Well, not everyone is gonna like you, I know.
They may not like you for no reason.
They may propagate rumors about you.
Even they say that they are part of your besties/'family'.
They may try so hard to ruin your life.

And I'm cool with it.

But in my mind, just because they hate you, it doesn't mean you should hate them back.
You do not have to use the same means to the spreader of malicious gossips.
You do not have to pay attention to such petty acts.
Because in doing so, you'd be crooking to the same level like them.
And I refuse to crook.

Plus, I don't need another bad mouthing from you.
I have had enough of it.

The haters are not my concern.
Despite the tenuous attacks on my good name.
After all nothing will ever change.
And that being said, I'll still have them.
Double fuck.

I still have the family.
I still have the boyfie.
I still have the besties.
I still have my darlings.
I still have my lovely select classmates.
What's else matters?

Nothing isn't it?

Ergo, I literally do not give a rat's ass anymore.
I'm happy as it is :)

Or else, this will be happen;



All I need is a comforting hugs :)

This is cute!
I wanna bite her face all over right now!