I can't believe myself that I only studied 1 chapter for Option on this study week.
1 week, 1 chapter.
No such luck!

And my first paper will be held on 28th.
4 days left.

I leave SA today.
Time's up, I need Segamat to study harder.
I would even leave my baby (lappy) to Mr Sayang as I'm determined to blunt myself online-ing.
No joke. *ROFL*

I'd better stop pigging out maggi and my favorite coke.
For the sake of my finals and for the distinctness of my dearly brain.
And I'm determined to evolve it.
Till the last day, 9th of Nov.

I've done with bonding time. (with my fav people, of course, another sweet memories to swoon!)
I've done with retail therapy. (Bliss! God loves me after all! But now I'm dead broke..)
I've done with blogging. (but I'm pretty sure Mr Sayang will blog something for me soon!)
And I've done with movie marathon :)
I want a bunch to squash with after my finals will be over!

S: Bibir siapa paling merah?
K: Ok fine, you win!
K: Perut siapa paling buncit?
S: .......
(Sila lihat snapshot di bawah)

S: Sayang
K: Kitty

Who is the winner?
Wait, don't answer that!

You won syg! Yeay :)
For the bigger tummy award.

But I LOVE YOU nevertheless.
Wait fer me okay?
And wish me luck!