Me In The Headlight.

So, I see on my FB homepage, a lot of statuses like;

"Okay, I have to focus on my studies. Goodbye Facebook."-it happens especially during study week or the day before test.


"Facebook is boring, gonna delete my account!"
And a few days later, I see these specific group of people updating their status saying;

"Can't live my life without Facebook!"


"Haiya, I miss playing games!" or somewhere along those lines.

Funny tweenagers..

My friend of mine has started an effort to deactivate her FB, I applauded for her being so, she has also challenged me to do the same damn thing. I refused. It's not because I can't even live my life without it, it's not because without it I'll be doomed. It's just...

But if she didn't deactivate hers, I'd bet she still can be the top scorer anyway! I know you would :)


Had a little photoshoot with DZMS today. I know it sounds crazy. But dude, I can't wait to see the snapshots of mine! I know, I can't be a total fool out myself by attempting to impersonate Kate Moss aren't I?? Fuck, this is ridiculous. BIG TIME!

No way, 'saje-saje' attempt won't be a big deal for me anyways.

So off I go in search of a path towards becoming a model(?) with Mr Sayang. (I owe you one!)

We went all the way to KL, naturally we got lost. It had to happen lah.. (~.~)

2 clueless people/buta jalan + empty stomach + winding KL roads + bumper-to-bumper traffic - GPS device (Google Maps didn't help much this time!) = We've (literally) been LOST!

Long drive and the shenanigans, we almost give up, though my darling Amira didn't help much with her simplest direction, yellow apartment? Hello, I was at DUKE at the time I asked her, how on earth can I found the real yellow apartment? Ampang there has a lot of yellow apartment isn't it? It's okay dear, it's not even your fault :)

While being at lost and try to find the way out from Ampang (surrender time), I was accidentally found the right way! Oh well, I thank my lucky star, so brownies points ye di situ! My appointment is due at 3 p.m but we arrived at 4 fucking p.m, sharp! (Their office close at 4) And I was the very last person who came, thank god we still can made it! Yeay :D

I now think I can recollect every single things in all the way to go there.

Just because we've been tramping in all the same roads, just to reach out the fucking signboard of Pandan Mewah! Why they just can't put the fucking signboards every 1km on the roads like my place have eh?

I (intensely) hate Ampang since I can remember.

So, yeah.

Hard to find the way in, hard to find the way out. It's like being in jailed!

Hence, the fury.

But thank Lord we made it :)

We should've use KESAS, there's way easier, I think.

Just know that the owner of the agency is my friend's cousin. What a small world! But I don't put a high expectation just because of that my chance can be such a huge hurrah anyway. So, there.


Wanted to binge KFC with RM15.80 of Snack Plate for 2 person but unfortunately the voucher was valid till 15th of Oct. See how fool was this 2 stupid people here. What a waste!

Well at least I don't forget to wish you Happy 1 year, 8 months!

Another 4 months to be 2 years.
Can't wait :D

Sorry for ranting, nanite!