Product Review.

You would have realised that I have changed my shampoo and conditioner so often.
As my hair is so high demanding! Damn you.
Just to let you know, I have hair fall problem.
And due to the bad quality of the shampoo, I've evolved some dandruff and pityriasis problem.
Hence, the rage.
Not forgotten, the itchiness!

Trust me, I have a good skill of washing my hair.
But still, it didn't work.
The itchiness still patronising.
So don't blame my skill, blame the shampoo!

I detest L'oreal hair product esp. their shampoo, evermore.
(Dah lah mahal, tapi tak berguna!)

Oh well.
I get bored of using the same old ones which is TRESemmé.
Not that I don't like the shampoo, but I just like to trying out a new product that is.
At least it less itchy, dandruff free, but less shiny :/
I so want a shiny glossy slicky hair~

So, I'd let Schwarzkopf to do some hair repair :)

This is Schwarzkopf Extra Care Liquid Silk Gloss.
Peculiarly for dull and brittle hair.
I've use it for a week already.
From the first try, my hair became so much smooth, no more itchy!
It's kinda magic there.


The shampoo smells so tempting.
However, the conditioner is not thick enough.
Because I usually use a conditioner which is way moisturising.
It's okay, at least I can have a shiny hair I'm all gonna be fine!


p/s: Thank you to darling Amira as she had tried so hard for luring me into temption of buying this product, albeit I have lack of dosh at the time. No yeay :(

Wanted to buy only a shampoo, but ended up buying a conditioner too.
But you're right, to attain the best result is, you must use both shampoo and conditioner.
There's a tip for the better hair repairs folks. :)

The new resolution is;
I wanna buy a full pack!

When it comes to resisting retail therapy, I'm a major failure.
Boo me.