Unchained Melody.

I remember this weird feeling I had.
The feeling only lasted for a short while.
But during that short while, I've thought about things I haven't really thought about in a long time.

I remember when we were in room and she said to me was, "I miss my brother."

And I thought whoa, that's really weird. I can never say the same about my brothers. At all.

And to be frank,
I don't miss him.
I don't miss them.
I don't want to lie, but I honestly didn't.

I feel sorta sad that I can't say the same about my brothers.

I remember being very close to them when I was like 5??
But ever since then, we drifted.
Still drifting.

I remember our previous fight, of course.
But don't you think you're the one who were acting like a fucking arsehole?
I'm cool with it.
But if you want me to respect you, respect me first.
Tolerance go both ways.
I am not animal for you to yelling with.
I have dignity too.

Mom didn't teach you that didn't she??

You can't call a family when someone in the family treats you as a total stranger in the house.
Taking my brothers as the example.
They treat me like a complete stranger when they're around.

I've tried being closer to them.
By god, I've tried.
But what's the point when I was the only one trying and they're not?
Hence, giving up is my solution.