Sneak Peek :)

Have been viewing/browsing/lingering in so many blogshops lately.
ALOT of it.
I know, I'm one crazy bitch (~.~)

Well, let's include this activity in your list too during this holiday, as your hobby, people! You can analyse and do some survey on your fashion muse, instead of going out to shopping malls/ boutiques and just grab the clothes and pay them, but no markdown prices. Be wise in shopping. This is why I do alot of browsing blogshops, the more you observe, the more you sense your own style. But don't shop till you drop, like I did! -.-"

I'm offering all you lovely ladies (and dudes who fancy themselves as Adam Lambert) to have a look of this cool stuff, at my favorite blogshops who sell classic/vintage apparels. (O.O)!!

Start with..

Marie Claire vintage handbag

I totally love all of their stuff here.
Plus, it's cheap, it's really good for my practicality rules.
Once I have dosh, I'll surely snatch this bag away~
Wait for me!


Chequered blazer

Damn, this one only retailed at RM24.
I really NEED this!
(statement yakin.)


Grecian Lady Cameo Locket Necklace

via MsTuTu

I've been searching high and low for this shit in ages.
But already sold.
No yeay :(


Dresses and tops :)

This blog sells a bunch of apparels.
Tops, dress, shoes, accessories, belts.
And ALL vintage!

But something's missing.
The shoe!!

Still looking for some Oxford shoe or edgy boot I've been CRAVED over..
Found, but all sold out.

Anyone who has the same opinion or anything to share?
Email me. :)


The Kitty Project.

Oh did I mention I haven't met the boyfie almost a week? Almost la, 6 days to be exact. So 'busy' heh? One day has made me insane already! A week?? Imagine.. Thank god I still have the darlings around. If I haven't have them, imagine.. Well, got into a ignited debate about fashion today. Yeah people! With HIM. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I repeat, with him. Weird, I know, but it was so much fun and electrifying! This must be because of the late night surfing on online shopping and bazaars! Fashion feeds! No wonder I can't even take my eyes off. Hence, staying up late till the morning. (~.~)

Anyway, they say if you wanna be stylish, you've gotta spend a lot of money. Okay fine, I admit that you have to spend a little, BUT if RM200 for a plain tee or outdated frock?? *collapsed!* You've got to be kidding me man! No way in hades. I don't give a damn if it's from bloody Fred Perry or Calvin Klein or Armani Exchange etc. But when you wear it on, it's still looks like another plain tee, but retailed only RM20. With RM200 you can buy 10 more tees! Duh~ This is what I always remind myself before buying an expensive stuff like that. Plus, nobody will knows that it's branded. Unless it is a huge ass A|X printed on. It doesn't mean you're fashionable, it's just means you do have money.

Thus, in the mission to prove they're wrong, we're planning to establish our new project.
Yes, WE! I mean, me and him.
*huge grinnn*

Studying the LookBook concept, I'm gonna try to prove that you can still wear frugal/cheap/thrifted/unbranded stuff and you still look..gorgeous. No joke!

We chose vintage/streetwear/thrifted/rare concept. I know it's pretty complicated, but why not give it a try right? And for now, we still searching for the materials and stuff, still learning to do some sketch, it has been ages since my last drawing! *Shrugs*

And because we're the die hard fans of That 70's Show, they'll be the reference. :)

60's fashion is back yo!

MAJOR love!

A new label will be created for this mission.
He suggested "Kitty Shop"!

Wish us luck!

Musing of a Freak!

Have to admit, these past couple of days were...ROUGH.
Who would have thought that a single, simple, little and annoyingly innocent act may be the perils of your existence for the next years. (and longer!) HAHA.

But thank god, I still have my girls~

Sorry I can't bring you guys to the bazaar today.
Due to my monetary constraint! :(
But we still have fun :)
Over karaoke-ing and laughter :D
~Ahh~ I love my life!

Should apologise for the sudden day out.
Since Fiza & Fira were busy.
We still have the next time right guys?
~I'm sorry~
(Amir Raja Lawak's version) HAHA.

Location : Kedai Kopi, Tasik Shah Alam.
From left: Eka, Tora, Moi.

Tora's cute!
The view from the loo!

I've got slapped with a saman! Terima kasih~
I shouldn't parked the car in the roadside! My fault. :(
I hope can settle it by tomorrow.
No matter what.
There goes my money~

I hate it when emak forbids me using her car any longer.
Shitttt! (I'm referring to the saman, not to my mummy! Hoho)
I can't win now can I??

Note to the readers:
So how's your day treats you?
Wish it's not rough like mine..
But the 'good' rough' is always welcomed :D


You, Me and My Failure.

It's almost December now and seems too early to commence a new year's resolution right.. On the second thought, you don't need to wait for a year to change, to do something. If you want something, do it now, change it now.

The past 11 months, a lot things had happened. And I'm 21 years 5 months now. There are so many things I wanna do, which I might have to or I really should do. Like always, the choices I made are the ones that will influence me. Growing up, my precedency would be so much different compared to others.

I just want to have a simple life, not a boring life that is. I don't want anything dandy. As for the next few days, I should start being more organised, change my bloody attitude, better time management esp I don't need to be nocturnal if I wanna live longer, chilling in weekends with girls, doing nothing but reading books and watching movies. I like that.

I think my life is not that boring, and I'm not jaded after all. I don't need your fancy posh parties with posey people and wannabes. I don't like that. I shall living my life simple for the following year, surely do. I can't imagine how struggle I am being a degree student. Ahh butterflies on my stomach~

Family, friends, cats, loverboy.

I think that's all I need.

What do you feel when you say those three words to someone but they don't answer you?
Well, I feel my major failure.
Sad, but true.




Of Midnight Bazaar & Uptown.

I'm not feeling well since yesterday.
I've sore throat.
I hate it.
But I still managed to visit the bazaar with the bestie :)
Superwoman indeed eh?

Midnight Bazaar at Uya Distro was..interesting.
But I didn't buy any..thing.
I'm so stressful, in a stressful rut at that.

To make the matter worse, I've even thought some of the frocks there are the pre-loved vintage frocks, I mean the ancient one, like our mummies wore for once! But the girl said they're a new one, RM25 each. What...the...fuck? I automatically resisted, because I believed the frocks are really not a new, I know better, the smell, the condition, is abit wrecked! Not in the 'virgin' condition, at all! I was gobsmacked at the mo. Then I bolted. Thinking where the moneys should I give away now? I want to buy something badly. I want to rock a pair of shoes that I absolutely LUSTED over. Since in AGES! *Sobs*

But I know, I'll have my day!

Definitely not my favorite bazaar in my list. Just because THAT girl. Sorry guys. However, for those who really wanna buy something SO vintage&branded and have a couple of hundreds, this is definitely your bazaar. Yea, the price is no frugal-mugal. So no-no in my practicality rule, remember?

With my magic, I bought three items at Uptown instead!

If you know me very well, I don't usually go there. Just because there are too many rempits. Plus, the place located very near my house so there must have many people I know that I'll meet. And I do not like it. By god, I don't. Entah macam mana, I was just magically followed Aznie and her boyfie for a little shopping there as she wants to buy something badly too. Thank god I've found this booth, the lady sells a cute baby little bag with only RM23. Asked another booth of the price, it retailed up to RM30. So, it worth it. Then, I bought RM15 of wayfarer and a Roxy slipper for RM10. So I just spent RM48. Major brownie points from me:)


Tell you something spooky;
I've bought 3 things, but she bought nothing.
She only bought a food.
It doesn't count, right.. Tee-hee~
But it has always happen to us, when she's the one who wants to buy but end up buy nothing but I did.
I mean, I didn't intentionally to shop but I STILL did!
Why is it always be me?!
Nampak sangat mudah cair.
*flying kick muka sendiri*
Oh don't blame on me people!
I only buy compulsive stuff.
Yeah right.

Had a little conversation with Miza afterwards at my place, as usual.

*showing off what I bought to her*

Miza: Dah habis spent kat Uptown, then how's the next bazaar?

Me: ..... (fuck)

There goes my immense regret.

I so wanna have my leisure time at Kutu Market!

And.. I really wanna damned go to I Love Bazaar!

Ahhh stress~

P/S: Still not get a job. Hence, no money. How to survive with the retail therapy? T.T!!

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An Conceivable Event.

Opted to meet my relatives at KLIA of waiting Maklong & Paklong to be arrived from Jeddah (doing haji) instead of going to dig-it-all on Thursday night.

Yerp, believe it people! For you who don't know me well, I've always been in MIA especially when it involves with the family. But not yesterday! No sir! I was there! I tried my best to slug through it but it was definitely not fun as I was raved and glared at all day. Orang nak berubah ni, tolong bagi semangat sikit! Dah la I sanggup sacrifice my night of doing evil. :O

Yes, I'm very VERY proud of my achievement. So very very bangga with the improved and slightly less devilish me. But next time, I'll bring lappy to online! HAHA. Boring yo! I hate waiting people. :/

I've even tried to entertain my parents;

In return, Burger King treats~

Okay, 'twas a night to remember.
Bcoz I found this cute little man at BK's!
Ha ha, I've even managed to capture him.
Muka bengang eh?
Siapa suruh cute sgt!

I'd rather to sit at the BK's than facing a push-shove atmosphere!
So, I read book, played MP4 and eye-flirting with that cute 'lil boy.
So multitasking.

This is a proof that I really wanna change~
For good, of course.
With tudung!


*Spanking myself on the back!*

Whatever it is, I ain't no saint.
So bring it on the sins!


Heart Shaped Clouds In The Air.

For some reason, we didn't celebrate our 1 year & 9 months (gila precise!) monthliversary on the 22nd. Sedih. But we managed to dig it all last night. We have a dinner at Strawberry Fields, again. Officially our favorite place these days. :)

It's really worth it!

Has finally captured this wall.
Cantik. :O

New York Cheese for me!

His favorite Claypot Chicken Rice.

Honey dew juice.
Pure yum and so refreshing!

The best snapshot of him.
He should have a pat on the head already!

Okay enough with the snapshots of us.

A beautiful year & 9 amazing months already!
Yay :D

Always had and always will~


Monday sucks!

Was involved in a car crash on Monday. (~.~)


Miza and I had accompanied Aznie for her interview at Concorde Hotel. (Baik hati kan kami?) Just when we were on the way to SACC, the accident has accidentally happened at the roundabout, the driver is Aznie, not me, and the car is hers (Aznie, not mine). And after getting all the way from the fuck shit interview (not my interview, Azni's.), lepak makan borak with the interviewer is more like it! Yeah, you might think it's terrific, but heck, it's horrific! The interviewer is a dickhead.

We've had planned to search a part time job afterwards, but shit happened, two times. The accident and the interview. Really, if I can't stand the heat, I'll show the fury off. So, yeah.

Fuck gila, he did non-stop giving a negative criticizing, when I disagree he will damn me, when I cross his talks he will laugh at me and then ridicule me. Or maybe because he thinks I'm still a kid?? I'm not a matured adult?? Or because I don't have Merce or BMW?? Because I don't get a lunch at 5 stars hotel?? I may not have all of that horseshit, but one fine day, I will. So do not simply underestimate others just because you have all of that. Heck, I do completely not approve any of your stupid remarks. Thank you! You're just the managing director, not the CEO of the company. Duhh...

But why the fuck did he discloses all of his personal stuff to these three pretty innocent girls?
But why the fuck did he talks about the sex with three beautiful ladies? (Perasan yo!)
You think we're all the whore?
Well I think you're the pervert.
F*ck yourself, arsehole.

Okay, back to the accident.

I was in the passenger's seat. Terdetik di hati ini to ceramah Aznie like;
"Do not texting while driving!"
"Do not drive like drifter like so fast and furious!"
"Do not khayal or careless at the time of driving!"
Because, she's always does those undesirable acts.
Damn her.
Thus, low level of trusting her driving skill.

So, I hate the idea of crashing cars. Like seriously!

Again, back to the accident, 'twas literally Aznie's fault, not mine. (of course, I'm not the driver! Ignore this silly sentences.) At the traffic circle, when she is supposed to brake, she's not. So, obviously when you're about crashing into someone, you slam on the brakes, an emergency stop, but you didn't, so this is what happened to her. When you'd get into a shocking mode (especially when Miza and I saw her texting, we raved to stop the car, so it's our fault too), you unintentionally strike your drive (based on the true accounts). *Crash!*

I was regret to not pull the hand-brake. At least can minimise the damage? But still, heck, there goes my second accident track record. First with my loverboy.

We stopped at the roadside to access the damage. So, as being the good friend (perasan lagi), I talked to the girl who's Aznie has hit, her car wasn't that badly damaged, it had only a few scratches. But why the fuck did the girls so annoying? Like she gets major damage? Bodoh. But hers was another story;

Thank god Aznie's brother-in-law (Abg Ali) is the mechanic.
But still, she's just get her new car.

But in the end, that girl don't have a driving licence. Then, after the discussion of Abg Ali and the girl, she has to pay her own damage amounts! Boo! So, Aznie don't have to pay RM100 to her. Yay! :D


Introducing the cute baby in town;
He's so freaking chubby!
Practiced holding a baby in my arms
Aww, beautiful mummy~

But if I had my own baby now, it'll die within a week!
No joke!



Jalan-jalan di Hartamas

The travel from my place, Shah Alam to the bazaar is 35 mins.
We spent almost 2 hours to get there.
I did use Google Map the other day and yet, we got lost.
My sense of direction sucks :(

3 clueless people + hot weather + hungry - GPS device = LOST!
It had to happen la..

I've even called Fatin and K.lily for helping us, but it didn't work out.
We've even passed by a toll twice.
The exact same toll.
Fuck shit.

At the first stage, we actually made it easily using the signboards and my direction from Google Map. Actually, Mr Sayang and I have been in Hartamas for lepak awhile back. But never been in Solaris Dutamas? Then, ahh sesat! Oh, we've thought Solaris Mont Kiara (Soho) is Solaris Dutamas people! 'Twas hilarious yo. Because my friend (Fatin) has assured me that the event is located at Soho. But I disagreed, as I remembered it located at Solaris Dutamas, not Soho. At the time, I was abit relieved when we arrived Soho, but then I forgot to jotted down the address. I have to call my adik to give the exact address. Menyesal! *Inhale exhale*

Then asked the security guard for the direction right after I got the address. Not helping at all. Again, the shenanigans happened. Major surrender, we called it another chance. Then we finally found the fucking Jln Changkat Hartamas. We kicked ass yo. The whole place is really difficult to find! Gila ceruk!

The funny part is I was weeping when I've eventually found the MAP banner. There goes my happiness~

Nothing can win me over better than a retail therapy-bazaar~

Positive reviews;
We don't have to pay parking fees. There's no hectic push-shoves atmosphere like other events. It is good place for shopping alone anyways. But in limited space that is. The whole event was still fun!

This taken at Solaris Mont Kiara.
While waiting my adik texting me the actual address.
Look at my face, not even smile.
(Click to enlarge)

Well, I did find many to-die-for pieces. But due to my money constraints, I MUST buy something for everyday wear and required one. Damn, that is no fun!

Speaking of shopping, look what I have found!

A pre-loved collar shirt.
At only RM5 a pop!
Thank god, it fits perfectly to my body.

And it looks so vintage :)


A Joy Division long sleeveless top.
(From Jealoushe)

I absolutely LOVE this one!!!
One of my best steals to date!
Am so proud of myself! Heh.

Joy Division is my all time favorite band, as you can see. I've been searching high and low for this. It's only piece left, it's length is just right over my knee, just the right length! 'Twas selling at RM25. Though it's kinda pricey, I definitely love the material. No matter, I think I really2 need this! Since it matched my favorite rocking legging (left) that I bought from I Love Bazaar at only rm20 but I don't know what to wear that legging with. Problem solved! Well, I need another tops to boot since I've a bunch of frocks/dresses in my collection. :)

Next; a cardigan.

This cardie is too cute to pass up :)
Plus, it's an investment.
I can actually wear this to anywhere.
It's matching with all of my frocks too!

Spoiler alert; it's RM30! *Jaws drop!*
The actual price was RM35, but still!
I lost my magic lucky charm.. :(

I found a cool blazer, really. And it only retailed at RM20! If only the boyfriend let me to snatch it, I would haven't bought that pricey cardie (I already have many cardies anyways). Hence, the fury and regret. SCRATCH that!

Then I set my eyes on the beautiful necklaces and headbands. It's only RM15! I actually saw the same design and quality in a shop once and it retailed up to RM40! I would've bought it right away if I wasn't on this stupid practicality rule and monetary constraint. :(

I've even held on to that necklaces for 10 mins before putting it back! Heh.

How much did I spend? RM60 only. For 3 items. Not bad~
Now, attacking my parent's wallet is no good.
This can't be healthy. Heh.

Special thanks to Mr Sayang for layan my psyching out over things happened.
And to Eka for joining us that day.
Also for belanja-ing us roti canai!



When it's good, it's euphoric.

Boo me.

I've missed Glam Street Bazaar.
I've missed the Mary Kay free classes.
I've missed the plan with the bestie.
I've missed the plan for clubbing with the sisters.
I've missed Shout Award concert with Fatin.

Even with a tons of things to do, I still managed to squeeze in time to go to this shindig :)

Literally, I didn't miss the night out with the darlings! I think we can call this as a reunion. Because, when every time we plan to round the pact, it seems so hard to actually make it. The last time we have planned was the Tora's birthday party at Putrajaya but Eka was out with her family that day. Then, the movie night with Eka, Tora & Eza were M.I.A. It has always an excuses. Boo them, because I've always been at the scenery. Heh, kidding! We should make a better plan, the time, date and place.

And I think we can establish a new group for us :)
Kelab rakan sekolah!
Ha ha :D

The visit to the I-City was..umm..mind-boggling :)
People say that I'll be blown away by how hi-tech lights and globalised they were.
In a sense, I was.
Albeit this is my second visits.

But to my defence, they should have a proper parking lot. Really. Because we have to pay 10 bucks for the entrance! So, there.

I-City is CROWDED!
To say the least. Well, it's weekend night after all.
But it also makes a great place for me to do what I love-people watch!
And we spent an hour to make a total fools out of ourselves for camwhoring~

Steal a few snapshots from Fiza.
Click here to see a bunch of pictures.

So, these are my favorite pictures.

Formal intro to this bloggie;
From left: Eka, Tora, Zafira, Moi, Fiza

I'm going through some major jealousy issues with Zafira.
She can makes a cupcakes! Ahh~
I always wanted to make by myself one!
Please invite me to your cupcakes class then.

Damn, talk about cupcakes makes me famished.
*Stomach roars*

Special thanks to the darlings for dragging me out that day. (I'm no longer the driver! Job goes to Zafira pula) Oh, and also for being the camera girl. (Credit to Fiza.)
Love you guys!

Tomorrow's tentative; Bijou Bazaar!
Will update soon~







Too bad, they only retailed at Indonesia.
Oh gosh, this stuff is available at Dolls Store!
BB, here I come~


Extremely-Super-Ultra Lazy Arse!













I should stop doing the same damn thing too.
Shouldn't I?