Jalan-jalan di Hartamas

The travel from my place, Shah Alam to the bazaar is 35 mins.
We spent almost 2 hours to get there.
I did use Google Map the other day and yet, we got lost.
My sense of direction sucks :(

3 clueless people + hot weather + hungry - GPS device = LOST!
It had to happen la..

I've even called Fatin and K.lily for helping us, but it didn't work out.
We've even passed by a toll twice.
The exact same toll.
Fuck shit.

At the first stage, we actually made it easily using the signboards and my direction from Google Map. Actually, Mr Sayang and I have been in Hartamas for lepak awhile back. But never been in Solaris Dutamas? Then, ahh sesat! Oh, we've thought Solaris Mont Kiara (Soho) is Solaris Dutamas people! 'Twas hilarious yo. Because my friend (Fatin) has assured me that the event is located at Soho. But I disagreed, as I remembered it located at Solaris Dutamas, not Soho. At the time, I was abit relieved when we arrived Soho, but then I forgot to jotted down the address. I have to call my adik to give the exact address. Menyesal! *Inhale exhale*

Then asked the security guard for the direction right after I got the address. Not helping at all. Again, the shenanigans happened. Major surrender, we called it another chance. Then we finally found the fucking Jln Changkat Hartamas. We kicked ass yo. The whole place is really difficult to find! Gila ceruk!

The funny part is I was weeping when I've eventually found the MAP banner. There goes my happiness~

Nothing can win me over better than a retail therapy-bazaar~

Positive reviews;
We don't have to pay parking fees. There's no hectic push-shoves atmosphere like other events. It is good place for shopping alone anyways. But in limited space that is. The whole event was still fun!

This taken at Solaris Mont Kiara.
While waiting my adik texting me the actual address.
Look at my face, not even smile.
(Click to enlarge)

Well, I did find many to-die-for pieces. But due to my money constraints, I MUST buy something for everyday wear and required one. Damn, that is no fun!

Speaking of shopping, look what I have found!

A pre-loved collar shirt.
At only RM5 a pop!
Thank god, it fits perfectly to my body.

And it looks so vintage :)


A Joy Division long sleeveless top.
(From Jealoushe)

I absolutely LOVE this one!!!
One of my best steals to date!
Am so proud of myself! Heh.

Joy Division is my all time favorite band, as you can see. I've been searching high and low for this. It's only piece left, it's length is just right over my knee, just the right length! 'Twas selling at RM25. Though it's kinda pricey, I definitely love the material. No matter, I think I really2 need this! Since it matched my favorite rocking legging (left) that I bought from I Love Bazaar at only rm20 but I don't know what to wear that legging with. Problem solved! Well, I need another tops to boot since I've a bunch of frocks/dresses in my collection. :)

Next; a cardigan.

This cardie is too cute to pass up :)
Plus, it's an investment.
I can actually wear this to anywhere.
It's matching with all of my frocks too!

Spoiler alert; it's RM30! *Jaws drop!*
The actual price was RM35, but still!
I lost my magic lucky charm.. :(

I found a cool blazer, really. And it only retailed at RM20! If only the boyfriend let me to snatch it, I would haven't bought that pricey cardie (I already have many cardies anyways). Hence, the fury and regret. SCRATCH that!

Then I set my eyes on the beautiful necklaces and headbands. It's only RM15! I actually saw the same design and quality in a shop once and it retailed up to RM40! I would've bought it right away if I wasn't on this stupid practicality rule and monetary constraint. :(

I've even held on to that necklaces for 10 mins before putting it back! Heh.

How much did I spend? RM60 only. For 3 items. Not bad~
Now, attacking my parent's wallet is no good.
This can't be healthy. Heh.

Special thanks to Mr Sayang for layan my psyching out over things happened.
And to Eka for joining us that day.
Also for belanja-ing us roti canai!