An Conceivable Event.

Opted to meet my relatives at KLIA of waiting Maklong & Paklong to be arrived from Jeddah (doing haji) instead of going to dig-it-all on Thursday night.

Yerp, believe it people! For you who don't know me well, I've always been in MIA especially when it involves with the family. But not yesterday! No sir! I was there! I tried my best to slug through it but it was definitely not fun as I was raved and glared at all day. Orang nak berubah ni, tolong bagi semangat sikit! Dah la I sanggup sacrifice my night of doing evil. :O

Yes, I'm very VERY proud of my achievement. So very very bangga with the improved and slightly less devilish me. But next time, I'll bring lappy to online! HAHA. Boring yo! I hate waiting people. :/

I've even tried to entertain my parents;

In return, Burger King treats~

Okay, 'twas a night to remember.
Bcoz I found this cute little man at BK's!
Ha ha, I've even managed to capture him.
Muka bengang eh?
Siapa suruh cute sgt!

I'd rather to sit at the BK's than facing a push-shove atmosphere!
So, I read book, played MP4 and eye-flirting with that cute 'lil boy.
So multitasking.

This is a proof that I really wanna change~
For good, of course.
With tudung!


*Spanking myself on the back!*

Whatever it is, I ain't no saint.
So bring it on the sins!