Drama Time! Pt.2

I have my own idiotic drama for once. Yes, I am insane. Hah! Been there, done that.

My dear friend has been (sadistically) dumped by her stupid boyfriend. I was there, voluntarily myself for helping her. My goal; punish him. Method acting to attain the goal; a little drama needed. I have to pretend that I am not me, heck I've even changed my name, and it was pretty extensive! I was seeing red and was spewing all the profanities available in my vocabulary. Ha! And he deserved my sharp smacking in his face. Plus, I've thrown away my mocha through his head and his friend just because of his fucking friend who has spill foul language towards us, I DO NOT APPROVE. And the whole damn thing happened in public, people just stop walking and staring at us then laughing to these two pity boys, boohoo! It's a social suicide wey!

My friends and I will roll on the floor laughing at how stupid it all is!

In the end, he knows that we're all actually friends. He eventually knows that he has been pranked. I LIKE. The worse part is, he wanna fool me back. Ha ha, in your dreams.

Done it twice, to another friend.

Next; is about another friend. I supposed that I shouldn't know all of her kin group. But then she'll non-stop telling us about her uncle/aunt's richness which I think I don't supposedly to give a damn about it? Because I don't think it is wise to show it off, even mine I just keep it. If it's really true about your richness, I don't mind. But if it's not, what say you? Dang. It gets me pretty annoyed and I feel like I'm part of her family too, knows all the names and blah blah blah. So if you think I'm talking about you, then do something about it!

What if we've been lied to and cheated on? Get over it. But sometimes they don't. They'd prefer hold on to it and afterwards they put it aside. Never letting go and expecting the next one to be scum as well. If he/she is not, they'll have this nagging feeling that's just too good to be true and that it'll finally fall apart.

And THAT is why, I don't let myself be totally happy in order to protect myself from getting hurt, but I know better. And I always trying to find excuses for myself. So if it doesn't work out, I can just blame it on others. See? Drama. I know I shouldn't be keeping all these resentment in me, but it's there. Just gallingly there. Heh. I feel like giving myself one swift kick!

Right, I do realise that what I do are sometimes beyond down-right idiotic, and most people never realise that. So it's mean I'm somewhat better right? Wrong. The point is still moot, 'twas still idiotic. Period.

Trust me, I am trying the best to get rid of all these stupid drama.

But wait!

A little drama is good for our entertainment.
Remember, a boring life is not worth living!