Drama Time!

We humans are innately attracted to drama. Yes, even the most (self-proclaimed) stoic ones apply. There is no point denying it. We see it too darned often to do so. Might as well grasp it right? Drama equals excitement. Life without drama is dubbed.. BORING. And who wants a boring life right? But excitement never comes without a little nudging. So we nudge, in full knowledge that trouble will come simultaneously.

We're drawn to drama like a moth to a flame (yours truly included) and unfortunately most of us end up like the poor moth; burnt to a crisp.

For the umpteenth time this week, I've watched one of my bestfriend suffered by her boyfriend (which also my friend), he dig a treacherous grave for himself. His idea of drama? Sleeping with his 'friend' without any acceptable reason. And his 'friend' knows about their relationship, they've even met face-to-face for settling their dispute. I know, you're strong dear, but don't give too much chance to him. Does she's away, no. Does she has an erectile dysfunctions, no. But why oh why did you do those stupid things? She gave you everything, what else matter to you? I know he loves his real girlfriend, albeit in his own dysfunctional way. But if he said he still love her because he fret that my bestfriend would do stupid things (like suicide?) because of his stupidity mistake, this is no longer salvation. I hate it when people come to loves someone because of the sympathy. I do NOT approve. It's just TOO much, he still breach his second chance, what more? What now? Another drama? Bummer.

I don't know how to dub this.. This is too deleterious. When I hear that, I was wept in my heart. How the fuck can she still running back to him? To be true, if I were you, I won't ever turn back. I'd rather be single, hot stuff and free. Not that you ain't pretty, you are! If I were a guy, I won't ever chase after other girls.

I once have surveyed the response from other friends; I wouldn't give an idea to any of my bestie to break up even though their boyfie is totally fucked up! So, I said the same thing to her and let her decide for good. Because deep down inside, I know she loves him more than her life is. Let we just pray that he'll one day realise what's good for him. Either her or his 'friend'.

Second case, one of my friend has multiple guys tripping over themselves to be with her. I can't understand why, due to the some fact that I can't tell it here, in a very VERY public bloggie. Well, they call her everyday, without fail. And she always answer, without fail. But after hung up, you'll always hear her says that they're all such a dullards. So she sets out a various plans on how she'll leave these unsuspecting men. Ironically, when these guys finally get the message and leaves her alone, she'll get agitated. Then she'll desperately seek them out again, without fail. Routine repeats. There you go; the carnal need for drama in one's life.

Another friend has collected 'victims' which is of course not her official boyfriend, but treat them like one. No further description.

But ain't it easy to point the finger at other people's stupidity and laugh? What if it's you they're laughing at? And that is why when it comes down to it, I can never really blame my lovely friends for what they've done, as I have done similarly stupid things too. But I'd let it bygones be bygones. I'll never search for my past that is. Get over it.

Third case, to be continued...