The Kitty Project.

Oh did I mention I haven't met the boyfie almost a week? Almost la, 6 days to be exact. So 'busy' heh? One day has made me insane already! A week?? Imagine.. Thank god I still have the darlings around. If I haven't have them, imagine.. Well, got into a ignited debate about fashion today. Yeah people! With HIM. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I repeat, with him. Weird, I know, but it was so much fun and electrifying! This must be because of the late night surfing on online shopping and bazaars! Fashion feeds! No wonder I can't even take my eyes off. Hence, staying up late till the morning. (~.~)

Anyway, they say if you wanna be stylish, you've gotta spend a lot of money. Okay fine, I admit that you have to spend a little, BUT if RM200 for a plain tee or outdated frock?? *collapsed!* You've got to be kidding me man! No way in hades. I don't give a damn if it's from bloody Fred Perry or Calvin Klein or Armani Exchange etc. But when you wear it on, it's still looks like another plain tee, but retailed only RM20. With RM200 you can buy 10 more tees! Duh~ This is what I always remind myself before buying an expensive stuff like that. Plus, nobody will knows that it's branded. Unless it is a huge ass A|X printed on. It doesn't mean you're fashionable, it's just means you do have money.

Thus, in the mission to prove they're wrong, we're planning to establish our new project.
Yes, WE! I mean, me and him.
*huge grinnn*

Studying the LookBook concept, I'm gonna try to prove that you can still wear frugal/cheap/thrifted/unbranded stuff and you still look..gorgeous. No joke!

We chose vintage/streetwear/thrifted/rare concept. I know it's pretty complicated, but why not give it a try right? And for now, we still searching for the materials and stuff, still learning to do some sketch, it has been ages since my last drawing! *Shrugs*

And because we're the die hard fans of That 70's Show, they'll be the reference. :)

60's fashion is back yo!

MAJOR love!

A new label will be created for this mission.
He suggested "Kitty Shop"!

Wish us luck!