Tonight was.. one word; MAGIC!
I can't believe we haven't argufied about things.
Just a suave conversation and a magnificent dining.
Have a dinner at Strawberry Field, our favorite place, makes me happy.

They have a lot of new menus these days.
Such as Nasi Goreng Petai?
*shakes head*
And he finally got to eat Claypot Chicken Rice after a long awaited.
And Opera cake for me.

'Twas LOVE!

Cheers for us :)


Missing you a little over too much right now :(
My nerdy darling~
I just love her specs here.
Imagining if I wear it on me.
*huge grins*

And oh I'm so jealous with her now.
She's flirting with Russian boys :O
Good luck!
Ha ha.

She'll come home on July.
Sigh, I hate waiting :(

I love you to bits bitch!
(Pls do your best for exams okay?)


Have finished downloading my favorite novels!
Which is of course it's hard to find it in Msian shores.
Will update it soon
Yay! :D

"Hello, Daisy Buchanan."
Baz Luhrmann, Carey Mulligan(!) and Leo DiCaprio;
Neither of whom can never seem to do anything worth damning.
And this already sounds like an epic adaption in the making.
Being a mere remake notwithstanding.

The best part is knowing that dear Ms Mulligan beats Keira Knightley to the role. Fuck knows The Great Gatsby is just too precious a classic for too many souls, and of course for me. Finger crossed that they do this right.

Can't wait :D


What to do during hols?

1. Play Kite
2. Movie marathon
3. Working
4. Vacation
5. Camping
6. Quality time with family & darlings
7. Shopping & sight seeing!

Humph, what else?
Any suggestion, please kindly leave a comment. :)