Monday sucks!

Was involved in a car crash on Monday. (~.~)


Miza and I had accompanied Aznie for her interview at Concorde Hotel. (Baik hati kan kami?) Just when we were on the way to SACC, the accident has accidentally happened at the roundabout, the driver is Aznie, not me, and the car is hers (Aznie, not mine). And after getting all the way from the fuck shit interview (not my interview, Azni's.), lepak makan borak with the interviewer is more like it! Yeah, you might think it's terrific, but heck, it's horrific! The interviewer is a dickhead.

We've had planned to search a part time job afterwards, but shit happened, two times. The accident and the interview. Really, if I can't stand the heat, I'll show the fury off. So, yeah.

Fuck gila, he did non-stop giving a negative criticizing, when I disagree he will damn me, when I cross his talks he will laugh at me and then ridicule me. Or maybe because he thinks I'm still a kid?? I'm not a matured adult?? Or because I don't have Merce or BMW?? Because I don't get a lunch at 5 stars hotel?? I may not have all of that horseshit, but one fine day, I will. So do not simply underestimate others just because you have all of that. Heck, I do completely not approve any of your stupid remarks. Thank you! You're just the managing director, not the CEO of the company. Duhh...

But why the fuck did he discloses all of his personal stuff to these three pretty innocent girls?
But why the fuck did he talks about the sex with three beautiful ladies? (Perasan yo!)
You think we're all the whore?
Well I think you're the pervert.
F*ck yourself, arsehole.

Okay, back to the accident.

I was in the passenger's seat. Terdetik di hati ini to ceramah Aznie like;
"Do not texting while driving!"
"Do not drive like drifter like so fast and furious!"
"Do not khayal or careless at the time of driving!"
Because, she's always does those undesirable acts.
Damn her.
Thus, low level of trusting her driving skill.

So, I hate the idea of crashing cars. Like seriously!

Again, back to the accident, 'twas literally Aznie's fault, not mine. (of course, I'm not the driver! Ignore this silly sentences.) At the traffic circle, when she is supposed to brake, she's not. So, obviously when you're about crashing into someone, you slam on the brakes, an emergency stop, but you didn't, so this is what happened to her. When you'd get into a shocking mode (especially when Miza and I saw her texting, we raved to stop the car, so it's our fault too), you unintentionally strike your drive (based on the true accounts). *Crash!*

I was regret to not pull the hand-brake. At least can minimise the damage? But still, heck, there goes my second accident track record. First with my loverboy.

We stopped at the roadside to access the damage. So, as being the good friend (perasan lagi), I talked to the girl who's Aznie has hit, her car wasn't that badly damaged, it had only a few scratches. But why the fuck did the girls so annoying? Like she gets major damage? Bodoh. But hers was another story;

Thank god Aznie's brother-in-law (Abg Ali) is the mechanic.
But still, she's just get her new car.

But in the end, that girl don't have a driving licence. Then, after the discussion of Abg Ali and the girl, she has to pay her own damage amounts! Boo! So, Aznie don't have to pay RM100 to her. Yay! :D


Introducing the cute baby in town;
He's so freaking chubby!
Practiced holding a baby in my arms
Aww, beautiful mummy~

But if I had my own baby now, it'll die within a week!
No joke!