Musing of a Freak!

Have to admit, these past couple of days were...ROUGH.
Who would have thought that a single, simple, little and annoyingly innocent act may be the perils of your existence for the next years. (and longer!) HAHA.

But thank god, I still have my girls~

Sorry I can't bring you guys to the bazaar today.
Due to my monetary constraint! :(
But we still have fun :)
Over karaoke-ing and laughter :D
~Ahh~ I love my life!

Should apologise for the sudden day out.
Since Fiza & Fira were busy.
We still have the next time right guys?
~I'm sorry~
(Amir Raja Lawak's version) HAHA.

Location : Kedai Kopi, Tasik Shah Alam.
From left: Eka, Tora, Moi.

Tora's cute!
The view from the loo!

I've got slapped with a saman! Terima kasih~
I shouldn't parked the car in the roadside! My fault. :(
I hope can settle it by tomorrow.
No matter what.
There goes my money~

I hate it when emak forbids me using her car any longer.
Shitttt! (I'm referring to the saman, not to my mummy! Hoho)
I can't win now can I??

Note to the readers:
So how's your day treats you?
Wish it's not rough like mine..
But the 'good' rough' is always welcomed :D