I don't need a parachute, cause you're gonna catch me if I fall.

No matter which way I choose, it always seems to turn back to you.
And even though when you were the one I'm pissed at, it will STILL take me right back to you.
Always, it's like we made an 'elastic band' between us. (Excuse the cliche)
Maybe a part of me wants you still.
Simply because..
I love you.
I adore you.
I want you.
I miss you.

Maybe that makes all the heartache and angst worth it.

But do not think that I don't see the severe differences between us.
Because I see it all too distinctly.

I want to do this, you don't like it.
You want to do that, I don't like it.

Selfish, I know.

You won't break, I won't bend.
Now tell me, when will this ends?
I'll never take things for granted.
I'll sort out what's yours and what's mine.
For too long I've gesticulated and said that relationship is easy.
Am duly eating my words.

I'm happy for now.
On the cloud nine, over the moon.

I've finally got seen my photo;

Super stiff as fuck!
A corpse, I suppose!

So funny.

No hot death sirens, at all!


Finally found this song!
~MAJOR love~

What's up with the bloody chopstick in his hair?
So cute eh?

And what the fuck happened to Gym Class Heroes anyways?
Anyone knows?