Now, Movie Time!

Day 1

I finally got to see my ex-roomie, Farah. Oh how I missed her! Thus, my whole night was reserved for her (since I had a little dispute with my munchkin), let's the movie do some trick! BTW, I was lame in film updates these days as I've been busy with stupid exams and all. First and foremost;

Wanted to watch You Again (see how lame I was!) instead of this. Frankly, 'twas a BIG mistake. I've thought it was a brilliant film due to the cool poster and the lines 'Don't Look Up", well I was amazed. Not because of the Nissan Skyline, of course! Oh well, why cry over split milk right? Free ticket anyways, thank you Farah!

I won't watch an alien mayhem film again! Worse movie I have seen in 21 years! This movie sucked ball. Boo!

What irked me the most is the giant spaceship and sucks people up like the world's biggest vacuum cleaner. The goal is simply to stay alive. The only fascinating thing about Skyline is that that such a mad muddle of a movie can even exists in an era of corporate homogeneity and purported quality-controlled. If Skyline never seems interested in pushing the envelope, it at least begins with enough promise to suggest a competent thriller. No such luck! Terrific effect, but horrific plot, and terrible acting to put the cherry on top.

Rate: 1/5.

It's fine, at least the time well spent with the bestie. We have caught up on so many things. Of her new boyfie and over a fight with her office mates. Have a huge laughter, a great time. Thank you syg.. Just, better choose a good flicks next time!

Damn, forgot to take a pic with her :(

Day 2

I had such a splendid time with my darling, Wan Ilaika(Eka) yesterday. I know her since I can speak! I usually called her cantik. And to be frank, I envy her recent hairdo. Her long locks supposed to be originally curl like me! But it doesn't mean I want to straighten my hair too. I just love the way I are, heh. Oh well, you'd still look good on it.. Needless to say, you're always look so cantik in no matter what you do~

But too bad, Fiza & Tora were unavailable. And for some odd reason, we agreed to go out for just the two of us. Oh well, being a lesbo is pretty extensive! (Statement berani mati!) Lesbo for only one day didn't make any sense anyways. :)

Wanted to smash 'Let Me In' instead of Adele: The Rise of The Mummy. What? Adele? Rise of the mummy? Is that the actor Brendan Fraser act in The Mummy? Since when they make a new sequel? See, how lame I am in movie updates! *Shrugs*

I think we just have been cursed, the seats was abruptly snatch by someone else who were up in front of the ticket counter, and it happened at the time we were at the counter too! They should've fired the cashier, why so kiasu? Why can't you shut the fuck up and just sell off those fucking tickets? To make the matter worse, he sold a couple seat for us! Do we look like a couple?? Damn you! There goes our RM16 each.

Before that, he also suggested us Skyline. Hell no!

No car-chasing, no fighting, no explosions, no gun-shooting. A very normal drama yet sombre but still enjoyable. Luckily it's not that kind of 3-freaking-hours movie, otherwise I would have ZZZ~ already. However, there are still many inexplicable questions and the plot seemed a little far-fetched. Overall, I aver, it is a good movie. Better than Skyline is.

Rate: 3/5

But at the end of the movie, we get a hint of the director's possible idea for a sequel. We find Adele in England, about to depart for New York and ready to be board, together with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, or whomever they play in the film-the Titanic. Ha ha :D

We didn't do much. Had enjoyed our movie and brunch at 7 (for me) at Popeye's, haven't finished my chicken sandwich. Membazir!

The movie finished around 9 something. Then we visited my favorite boutiques (CU, F21, Kitschen), they're all on SALE. BUT too bad, I don't have many dosh left! Fuck fuck fuck!! I was just found my new babies! Please do wait for me to snatch you back sooner! I'll grab what's mine. By hook or by crook. -.-"

Oh! I watched Let Me In trailer, and it was sucked ball too! Thank god we didn't watch it. Better say thank to the stupid cashier. Hoho.

See, couple seat!
I dressed too formal.
While she looked too simple.
Ergo, she could be my new boyfieee :D
Ha ha, this one cute!

Am truly deeply crazily happy.
The happiest I've been in weeks.
I hope this lasts.

p/s: I still don't get a proper outings with the boyfie. Boo us :(
p/s 2: Ahhh Black Swan, when will the cinema premier this one? Can't wait.