Of Midnight Bazaar & Uptown.

I'm not feeling well since yesterday.
I've sore throat.
I hate it.
But I still managed to visit the bazaar with the bestie :)
Superwoman indeed eh?

Midnight Bazaar at Uya Distro was..interesting.
But I didn't buy any..thing.
I'm so stressful, in a stressful rut at that.

To make the matter worse, I've even thought some of the frocks there are the pre-loved vintage frocks, I mean the ancient one, like our mummies wore for once! But the girl said they're a new one, RM25 each. What...the...fuck? I automatically resisted, because I believed the frocks are really not a new, I know better, the smell, the condition, is abit wrecked! Not in the 'virgin' condition, at all! I was gobsmacked at the mo. Then I bolted. Thinking where the moneys should I give away now? I want to buy something badly. I want to rock a pair of shoes that I absolutely LUSTED over. Since in AGES! *Sobs*

But I know, I'll have my day!

Definitely not my favorite bazaar in my list. Just because THAT girl. Sorry guys. However, for those who really wanna buy something SO vintage&branded and have a couple of hundreds, this is definitely your bazaar. Yea, the price is no frugal-mugal. So no-no in my practicality rule, remember?

With my magic, I bought three items at Uptown instead!

If you know me very well, I don't usually go there. Just because there are too many rempits. Plus, the place located very near my house so there must have many people I know that I'll meet. And I do not like it. By god, I don't. Entah macam mana, I was just magically followed Aznie and her boyfie for a little shopping there as she wants to buy something badly too. Thank god I've found this booth, the lady sells a cute baby little bag with only RM23. Asked another booth of the price, it retailed up to RM30. So, it worth it. Then, I bought RM15 of wayfarer and a Roxy slipper for RM10. So I just spent RM48. Major brownie points from me:)


Tell you something spooky;
I've bought 3 things, but she bought nothing.
She only bought a food.
It doesn't count, right.. Tee-hee~
But it has always happen to us, when she's the one who wants to buy but end up buy nothing but I did.
I mean, I didn't intentionally to shop but I STILL did!
Why is it always be me?!
Nampak sangat mudah cair.
*flying kick muka sendiri*
Oh don't blame on me people!
I only buy compulsive stuff.
Yeah right.

Had a little conversation with Miza afterwards at my place, as usual.

*showing off what I bought to her*

Miza: Dah habis spent kat Uptown, then how's the next bazaar?

Me: ..... (fuck)

There goes my immense regret.

I so wanna have my leisure time at Kutu Market!

And.. I really wanna damned go to I Love Bazaar!

Ahhh stress~

P/S: Still not get a job. Hence, no money. How to survive with the retail therapy? T.T!!