Okay, I can't sleep, and it's a usual thang.
Okay, let's do this.
Rambling "-.-"


I believe in signs. Do you?

Well if you don't, do you believe in coincidence?

Coincidental incidents to some people, but to me, they're all signs.
I guess it's because I believe everything happens for a reason.
And I think, our life is all planned out on this piece of paper, drawn out by Lord.
Our time-line jotted down.
The future and hereafter.
When life begins and ends.
When we fall in love and out of love.
When we're hurting or healing.
When we make a family and split.
All of that shit.

And when I feel hopeful or in doubt, I look for signs.
But then what's the point?
If you're looking for signs, you're merely looking for false hope.
Hence, leading to disappointment.

Well, I don't mind.
If you don't wanna see me tonight.

(P/S: Finals are over!! Will update soon!!)