A Smack In The Face.

Finals are over! (on 9th to be exact) And am so freaking grateful, alhamdulillah! Nothing that I absolutely HAVE to do, or have to worried over. It's just a full hours of doing whatever I want to do. HEAVEN!

The letdown; Option blows, am praying to God that I won't ever have to take that paper again! Portfolio was a total bust I must say! The most killer paper of the semester, the paper supposed to be easy like the previous one but not this semester, poor us. Bond (the monster) is not the monster after all.. But the last paper (Personal Finance) was, tsk tsk! I so detest pesky theory questions as my memories are goddamn shitty. And to that I say, "Dear god, let me graduate this semester, or else!"

Throughout the exam weeks, I've been losing my voice (I can't even talk at all!), a severe cough and never ending sore throat. Hence, couldn't get a proper sleep on every day before paper occurred. Damn it. I just wish I can nail the paper down!

Right after I came back, I had women-to-women talk with the darlings; Aznie & Miza at Le Lac. I definitely love them to death! We talk and talk until we forgot what time to go back home. We didn't do much. Surprisingly, I had more fun than I had anticipated. Everybody lupa diri and started talking crap. (I've joined of course, as I am innately outrageous anyway!)

Aznie, I've been missing you when I was in Segamat, even I haven't seen you only in two weeks! See, how much I loved you dear~
Miza, now I remember why I love you so much. Your craziness and absurdity, ahh my own species!

The place was pretty calm even 'twas quite fussy of people shouting here and there. And it was like a fucking circus! I was just love the scenery and simply don't know why. Then at 3 we moved out to McD Sect.3 for supper. Non-stop laughing till people get annoyed of us. They're all busy studying for finals, and we're just laughing as fuck. Don't give a damn about anyone else. Well, it's good to hear your ranting, and when it's good, it's orgasmic :)

At home at 4 in the morning. Great. Got a little dispute with the boyfriend then. I know, 'twas my fault, sorry syg! I've promised to him that he'll be the first person who'd get to see me. But I've breach the promise. Fuck me. Hence, no outing for me in another day. Thank you very much!

Oh well, I still have the holidays.. What to do in this hols? Work again? Or vacation? But I have no penny. Grr~