Sneak Peek :)

Have been viewing/browsing/lingering in so many blogshops lately.
ALOT of it.
I know, I'm one crazy bitch (~.~)

Well, let's include this activity in your list too during this holiday, as your hobby, people! You can analyse and do some survey on your fashion muse, instead of going out to shopping malls/ boutiques and just grab the clothes and pay them, but no markdown prices. Be wise in shopping. This is why I do alot of browsing blogshops, the more you observe, the more you sense your own style. But don't shop till you drop, like I did! -.-"

I'm offering all you lovely ladies (and dudes who fancy themselves as Adam Lambert) to have a look of this cool stuff, at my favorite blogshops who sell classic/vintage apparels. (O.O)!!

Start with..

Marie Claire vintage handbag

I totally love all of their stuff here.
Plus, it's cheap, it's really good for my practicality rules.
Once I have dosh, I'll surely snatch this bag away~
Wait for me!


Chequered blazer

Damn, this one only retailed at RM24.
I really NEED this!
(statement yakin.)


Grecian Lady Cameo Locket Necklace

via MsTuTu

I've been searching high and low for this shit in ages.
But already sold.
No yeay :(


Dresses and tops :)

This blog sells a bunch of apparels.
Tops, dress, shoes, accessories, belts.
And ALL vintage!

But something's missing.
The shoe!!

Still looking for some Oxford shoe or edgy boot I've been CRAVED over..
Found, but all sold out.

Anyone who has the same opinion or anything to share?
Email me. :)