When it's good, it's euphoric.

Boo me.

I've missed Glam Street Bazaar.
I've missed the Mary Kay free classes.
I've missed the plan with the bestie.
I've missed the plan for clubbing with the sisters.
I've missed Shout Award concert with Fatin.

Even with a tons of things to do, I still managed to squeeze in time to go to this shindig :)

Literally, I didn't miss the night out with the darlings! I think we can call this as a reunion. Because, when every time we plan to round the pact, it seems so hard to actually make it. The last time we have planned was the Tora's birthday party at Putrajaya but Eka was out with her family that day. Then, the movie night with Eka, Tora & Eza were M.I.A. It has always an excuses. Boo them, because I've always been at the scenery. Heh, kidding! We should make a better plan, the time, date and place.

And I think we can establish a new group for us :)
Kelab rakan sekolah!
Ha ha :D

The visit to the I-City was..umm..mind-boggling :)
People say that I'll be blown away by how hi-tech lights and globalised they were.
In a sense, I was.
Albeit this is my second visits.

But to my defence, they should have a proper parking lot. Really. Because we have to pay 10 bucks for the entrance! So, there.

I-City is CROWDED!
To say the least. Well, it's weekend night after all.
But it also makes a great place for me to do what I love-people watch!
And we spent an hour to make a total fools out of ourselves for camwhoring~

Steal a few snapshots from Fiza.
Click here to see a bunch of pictures.

So, these are my favorite pictures.

Formal intro to this bloggie;
From left: Eka, Tora, Zafira, Moi, Fiza

I'm going through some major jealousy issues with Zafira.
She can makes a cupcakes! Ahh~
I always wanted to make by myself one!
Please invite me to your cupcakes class then.

Damn, talk about cupcakes makes me famished.
*Stomach roars*

Special thanks to the darlings for dragging me out that day. (I'm no longer the driver! Job goes to Zafira pula) Oh, and also for being the camera girl. (Credit to Fiza.)
Love you guys!

Tomorrow's tentative; Bijou Bazaar!
Will update soon~