You, Me and My Failure.

It's almost December now and seems too early to commence a new year's resolution right.. On the second thought, you don't need to wait for a year to change, to do something. If you want something, do it now, change it now.

The past 11 months, a lot things had happened. And I'm 21 years 5 months now. There are so many things I wanna do, which I might have to or I really should do. Like always, the choices I made are the ones that will influence me. Growing up, my precedency would be so much different compared to others.

I just want to have a simple life, not a boring life that is. I don't want anything dandy. As for the next few days, I should start being more organised, change my bloody attitude, better time management esp I don't need to be nocturnal if I wanna live longer, chilling in weekends with girls, doing nothing but reading books and watching movies. I like that.

I think my life is not that boring, and I'm not jaded after all. I don't need your fancy posh parties with posey people and wannabes. I don't like that. I shall living my life simple for the following year, surely do. I can't imagine how struggle I am being a degree student. Ahh butterflies on my stomach~

Family, friends, cats, loverboy.

I think that's all I need.

What do you feel when you say those three words to someone but they don't answer you?
Well, I feel my major failure.
Sad, but true.