Happy happy, joy joy..
*do victory dance!*

The examination results are already out. (on the 9th.)
I've thought the results will be out on 10th.
But heck, some of my friends have already got their result.
And I was still sleeping.
*flying kick muka sendiri*

I hope the lucky radiating through me.
Even if it was not like I imagined it to be, but at least no Cs.
I thank God. *send a silent thank you prayer*
Thank you Ayah & Emak for supporting me ALOT.
Thank you Sayang who's really understand me and have to hear ALOT of my rantings!
Thank you lecturers.
Thank you friends.
I love all of you.
I owe you one!

I've finally finished my diploma.

The thing that bothered me was, UiTM sent us the results via email this sem. T.T
But unfortunately, I gave the email address to UiTM awhile back that I'm no longer use.
Heck, I've totally forgot the password! Lupa!
So, I have to re-open the email by answering their Qs.
Where's your honeymoon?
Bali. (correct!)
What is your first pet's name?
I answered 'Miu Miu'. (wrong!)
I'm crushed.
*my heart just shattered again writing this*
Such a pathetic blob.
Then I remember Estelle. (correct!) Finally!!
How come I forgot 'Estelle'?
*bash head on wall*
I missed her.
If only Ayah allows me to have 'my own species' in the house..
Tsk tsk.

Oh well, I still can have my own house.
With my own cats!
One fine day~

PS: Congrats to all of my friends, see you guys again in next year (convo!)
PPS: Up next; the degree results! *gulp*