Halcyon (?)

Holidays are only ever good for two things: Losing yourself in endless conversations over reassuring delirium. And...hollering out to no end. *flips hair*

Have been ghastly busy outing with the darlings right after the Malacca trip.
A jovial weekend to no end. Heh.
And now, movie time..
With my favorite people, of course.
We've been best buddies since forever!
*shows baby pics of Miza, Aznie and me*

So here is last day's recap:
I suck at being nerd.
I love them.

We chose Hantu Kak Limah blablabla simply because :
-They desperately wanna watch it. 3 vs 1, I can't win now can I?
-It may required less brain power to follow the story line since I've been fucked up lately.
-We heard that it's a laugh. After days trapped in a dark gloomy day, why the fuck not?
-I was lame in movie updates lately, alas, I was just follow their choice. Thus, no complaints.

But I couldn't help myself now! To be quite frank, it just wasted my dosh away, ! I (strictly!) will never watch a Malay crap movie, ever. Why don't you guys wait patiently for the next hari raya, the goddamn Astro Ria (or whatever the fuck else) surely would air that movie again. Sheesh! Better watch it at home alone rather than hear those pesky screaming of the audience. F*ck. I admit, I do shriek & squeak too, but not that hard lah. But then, if they still wanna scream the fuck out, it's their prerogative. No offence. 'Twas a splendid night though. Thank you guys for kidnapping me that day.