Huge grins all around!

Today was wonderful, blissful, beautiful.
All in all, 'twas a contented day.
Yeay. :)

Got to see 3 beautiful ladies in one day.
Superwoman indeed! Heh.

First and foremost;
The most super gossip girls in town!
From left: Ayu(meow) & Sis Hajar.
They're both gila. Plus, cute!
Ayu's still single whereas Sis Hajar is already pregnant!
Omg, how time flies~
Ain, she's my best friend in Segamat.
Haven't seen her in ages, God knows how much I missed her!
Thankfully, we've eventually made a little time to catch up everything.
I'd pray for her happiness, may she would finds her true love.(Ayu too)

PS: What irked me the most was, I have to wait them for an hour! It's such a pain in the ass~
PPS: Will surely go to their convo on the next Mon.. Again, convo.
PPS2: The event must be boring! Oh well..


Next up;

Farah Baharin.
I know someone would be green with jealousy if she read this!
Oh well, I always love dating with her.
Only the two of us :D
At Strawberry Fields!
*makes innocent face*

But thank god, the boyfie didn't jealous.
Ha ha!

Haven't took any pictures with her.
Damn, too many people.
Too shy~

I publish my fave snapshot instead;
Oh, this pic was taken eons ago!
OMFG, I miss my long locks :(

Sorry again, I couldn't attend your big day(convocation) the other day.
And congrats to you.
Have a best of luck in UiTM, Malacca next year!

Then off to meet Miza.
She's the last person I've met.
Ha ha, always miss her ranting.
So, the night ended with a contended grin. :))

PS: Thanks for hanging out with me.
PPS: In a way, you can sing!

I don't mean to be all gushing here, but I do love you.
I mean all of you.
Oh yeah, that's include all your lunacy.
Hoho. XD

I miss my loverboy!